April 23, 2024

Spring Is Here, Are Your Feet Ready?

It is all about the toes. Isn’t it? Spring is here and therefore, it is time to expose your feet. In the spirit of Carrie on Sex And The City and her strappy Manolo Blahnik shoes, it is time to put on the sandals. Is it enough just to get a pedicure? That depends on who you are I guess. There is a growing trend now for cosmetic surgery for your feet. Yes, it is so.

Let’s face it, feet are not the prettiest part of the body. There is a difference, however, in going under the knife for cosmetic enhancement versus surgical procedures to correct medical conditions resulting from accidents, injuries or deformities. There is a reason we have podiatrists. Podiatrists have long performed simple procedures to relieve pain and provide comfort resulting from normal and natural occurrences to the foot. Not only do podiatrists treat injuries and deformities from an orthopedic standpoint, but they also treat disorders and diseases such as corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, bunions, heel spurs, and arch problems. These types of problems are treated because of the pain and discomfort they can cause. Our feet act as shock absorbers, supporting our body weight. Our feet can log about 1,000 miles per year and, during one hour of strenuous exercise, endure one million pounds of pressure. The bones in our feet and ankles make up 25% of all bones in our body. Moreover, Are you overly dependent on one employee to bill for your practice? Then it is recommended that you click on the given link to learn how you can handle that on your own without any help from your employee.



Cosmetic foot surgery is not about relieving pain but rather to enhance the beauty of the foot and make a permanent fashion statement, including a more comfortable ability to wear high heels. Although surgery for cosmetic reasons is a fairly new and growing trend, enhancing the beauty of women’s feet is not new, going back to the age-old tradition of foot-binding of women in China. Women are choosing cosmetic foot surgery to shorten the toes, narrow the feet, and collagen injections to pad the foot in order to wear high heels. These procedures are for appearance only and do not add any value to the function of the foot, and can, in fact, lead to future foot deformities.

As with any surgery, there are risks involved including nerve damage, deformity, and scars, to name a few. Careful consideration should be taken before deciding on any invasive procedure. Of course, with any cosmetic surgery, you risk the possibility of a botched job, which means more surgery to correct that surgery.



Considering the cost, the pain, and the risk of cosmetic foot surgery, not to mention the fact that I do not expect anyone to get close enough to study and critique my feet, I think I will stick with the traditional, soothing, and beautiful spa pedicure. What about you? American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, among other organizations, advises against foot surgery for cosmetic reasons. Their opinion is that the majority of women are wearing shoes that are too small, therefore resulting in the appearance problems for which they are having cosmetic foot surgery.