May 19, 2024

Thin And Beautiful: The Healthy Way For Reducing The Belly Fat

Many of you are familiar with the various diet fads that sweep through our society, seemingly at lightning speed. New diets seem to pop up every week, on every magazine, each claiming to be the magical secret formula to keep you thin and beautiful forever with no commitment. Nearly all of these diets are unhealthy for your body and can often cause definite health problems down the road. Women especially in today’s world maintain the unswerving mindset that thin=beauty, and health is unimportant in comparison to one’s looks. The Atkins diet, the Slim Fast diet, the grapefruit diet, the give-blood-every-two-weeks-to-lose-weight diet… you’ve probably heard them all, and you may have even tried a few yourself. We’re the country that has more food to eat than any other country in the world, and with more diets to keep us from eating it. The fact is, these diets rarely work for the long term, and are by no means healthy for you.

So in the search for a diet that would provide me with a healthy body AND the slimmer physique I was hoping for, I found the answer. However, this answer didn’t come in diet form, nor did it come from the cover of Cosmopolitan. It came in the way of a new lifestyle and a new set of beliefs.

Organic eating is certainly one of the most talked-about topics circulating the nation these days, so it’s reasonable to be skeptical at first. I certainly was. My first experience learning about organic foods was during my senior year of high school. I remember a friend of mine explaining to me how her mother had filled their entire kitchen with only organic food and would accept nothing less than strictly organic products in her household. I laughed and rolled my eyes. Of course, the rich soccer moms of West Linn just couldn’t get over trying to micro-manage everything under the sage advice of their favorite 40s+ glamour magazine, I thought.

It was nearly a year later that I realized my mistake. While at the time it seemed that my friend’s mom had simply been fulfilling her role as the easily deceived, believe whatever Oprah says housewife, a trustworthy news article and a little further research on my part proved to me that indeed, organic food is very important to your health. If you want to get the diet plan, then click here now on the website. The experience of the person will be good for reducing the belly fat.

First off, organic farmers do not use pesticides on their produce. Studies have shown that out of the 28 most commonly used pesticides, 23 are carcinogenic. Yes, this means that they cause cancer in the human body. According to the National Academy of Sciences, inorganic food’s pesticide residues cause approximately 20,000 cancer-related deaths per year. One must wonder why the FDA is still allowing inorganic practices to remain legal.

Another great reason to buy and eat only organic produce is to support local farmers. Buying local produce ensures that transportation time was short and that there have been no toxic sprays put in your food or the soil it was grown in. Visiting your local farmers market will not only help out your neighbors and yourself, but it will also shift demand away from large-scale companies that maintain bad business practices.

Fruits and vegetables aside, meat is a hot issue these days. Countless examinations in studies of grocery meats show that non-organic meat can be very dangerous, as well as unethical. The dangers of non-organic meat has become well-known through the use of growth hormones, antibiotics, and protein-only diets in herbivorous animals.