June 18, 2024

Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Traditional Berber Rugs

Berber rugs from Morocco are vintage products that have high rising popularity in the western world. Berber rugs are conventionally hand-woven by the indigenous tribes of North Africa. These rugs are made of 100% organic materials such as wool and leather. Their ethnic patterns and soft texture add warmth and volume to any home décor. Berber rugs are classic furnishing products that are also very long-lasting. This well sought after range of carpets is not very easy to locate. You may think that one might have to go all the way to Morocco to procure Berber rugs. But laying your hands on Moroccan rugs isn’t as difficult as it seems. These traditional North African rugs are now manufactured on a large scale to meet the high demands. They are therefore available at various online and offline outlets.

You need to have quite a few things in mind while shopping for these ethnic products so that it enhances your décor. Also, nobody wants to buy fake goods that ruin the entire aesthetic beauty of these phenomenal products.

The size of the room

You need to determine the dimension of your room to choose the right sized rug. You don’t want to end up splurging on something that won’t fit the area you want to cover. Similarly, a rug that is too small will get overlooked in a well-furnished room. So it’s necessary to ascertain the size of the rug according to your room’s size before buying it.

The physical features and price of the rug

The other things to be kept in mind are the rug texture and the colour scheme you want to execute in your room. Most living rooms have the furry variety of Berber rugs, but if you prefer the thinner ones, then you could do that too. These rugs are quite expensive and therefore you have to be sure about the quality of the product before you finally purchase them.

Always buy genuine goods

There are hoards of fake Berber rugs available all around. Do not fall prey to marts that sell these rugs at a much-discounted rate because Moroccan rugs have fixed prices. This is because making rugs are the only means of livelihood for the Moroccan tribesmen. Always buy rugs from a certified wholesaler or retailer and do not go after cheaper versions of these rugs. Only the pure Moroccan rugs can offer an aesthetic aura which cannot be duplicated at any cost.

Buy it digitally or conventionally?

You have to do thorough research about the company whose website you’re buying the rugs from. One has to make sure that the dealer is a certified seller of these Moroccan goods and only then can you go ahead with your shopping. It is advisable to buy such goods manually because even a minor defect or tear can spread in hand made products. Also such good comes with a non-returnable and nonrefundable policy so it’s better if we can personally examine a product before buying. Apart from these, you also cannot decipher the hue and texture of a product while buying them online.

Moroccan rugs are an epitome of ethnicity and luxury, and if you can choose wisely, these products are sure to last a lifetime.