May 19, 2024
To Care or Not To Care

To Care or Not To Care: 3 Questions to Ask about Business Trends

When it comes to the ever-changing world of business communications technology, it can be really difficult to determine what the “next big thing” is and what is merely a flash in the pan. Are free voice apps the future of business? Will landlines be extinct by 2020? To Care or Not To Care

So how do you figure it all out? Well there are a few general questions you can ask to help identify the money-makers from the bank-breakers

How are key players treating the trend? Look at how major carriers are treating landlines: AT&T has stated their desire to have nothing to do with landlines beyond 2020. That should be a good indication that there’s not much value left in landlines and SIP and VoIP are the way of the future.

To Care or Not To Care

How are key demographics treating/impacting the trend? When it comes to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend in business, do you think generations that have grown up with personal tablets and their own smartphones are going to want to trade those in for a dated (to them) desktop handset at the office?

What do you physically see happening? Normally, I’m not a fan of using anecdotal evidence, but if no one I know owns a “home phone” (my grandparents being the exception), that is yet another good indication of the fate of landlines and where the market is going instead.
These questions aren’t guaranteed to get you the answers you need, but they should go a long way in helping you make smarter business decisions when planning for the future.