May 19, 2024

Top 6 Hottest Clubs In Miami You Must Visit

Miami is famous for it’s thrilling nightlife and buzzing clubs which pump in music till the late hours. These clubs can get you grooving no matter what kind of day you are having. If you are in Miami, then visiting some of the clubs is a must or else you are missing out on a lot. So here are the hottest clubs in Miami you must visit.

Club Space

one of the most popular and renowned clubs in Miami, Club Space is the best place where you can enjoy your time to the fullest. It stays open on every night during the weekends and also in some days in weekdays. The wonderful light effects and grooving music will encourage you to dance your nighty away. You can get a lot of different drinks to make yourself tipsy and enjoy with fellow dancers!

Address – 34 NE 11th St, Miami 

Email –

Phone – 305-375-0001


also one of the best strip clubs in Miami, Basement is the place you want to be this weekend. Apart from dancing to the beats of the DJ, you can do a lot of other things like bowling and skating in the basement. The technicolor bowling lanes are a great place to have fun with your friends and drop the bowling pins. The dance floor is big enough to accommodate more than a hundred people and it is mostly filled in the weekends, so you need to visit early.

Address – The Miami Beach Edition, 2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach – 33140

Email –

Phone – 786-257-4548

LIV Miami 

for those of you who want to to experience the best in Miami, then the LIV Miami club is where you should be heading to. It is clearly one of the biggest clubs in Miami with big names such as Skrillex and Justin Bieber to have performed here. Every weekend the club hosts popular DJs and musicians to entertain the mind-boggling crowd that gathers here. You can also enjoy your favorite drinks made by master bartenders and champagne at the in-house bar. It is open on Wed–Sun from 11pm to 5am.

Address – Fontainebleau 4441 Collins Ave

Email –

Phone – 305-674-4680


some of the clubs in Miami do stand out from others in terms of ambience and their excellent musician lineups. 13,500-square-foot nightclub with all the elements that will get you going throughout the night, E11even is the place where you can enjoy dancing and drinking with your loved ones. The club also features an open rooftop restaurant where you can eat some delicious cuisine and order a variety of drinks. This club is open on all days and 24 hours every day which makes it an even interesting prospect.

Address – 29 NE 11th St, Miami

Email –

Phone – 305-829-2911


Twist is Miami’s iconic gay and LGBT friendly bar which hosts a number people from the queer community every day. Two different levels and 7 bars in the same building allows you to enjoy your night the way you want to. There is no particular dress codes when you visit this bar but the authorities organize different events like the Sabroso Thursdays, the Sazon Latino  and also Pusilla’s Underwear Contest. The bar is open on all days from 1pm to 5am in morning.

Address – 1057 Washington Ave, South Beach 

Email –

Phone – 305-538-9478


another excellent bar by the Miami titan David Grutman, the Story is his creation. The bar is spread across 27,000-square-foot and has more than 60 VIP lounges for those who can afford. The entire property gets grooving from the early night hours and keeps electrifying till the morning hours. The crowd is sophisticated and mostly the elite citizens of Miami, visit the Story on weekends. Famous underground performers and DJs entertain the crowd here. It is open on Tuesday to Sunday from 11pm – 5am.

Address – 136 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

Email –

Phone – 305-476-4426

So, these are the top 5 Hottest Clubs in Miami which you should be keeping in mind. All the clubs guarantees a wonderful and exciting experience to their guest and now it’s your time to feel the nightlife in Miami to its fullest.