May 19, 2024

Top Five Vaping Facts One Should Know

Have you ever noticed any guy puffing his vape pen and chatting with his friends? Have you ever considered it to be cool enough? Vaping has become very popular these days due to its less harmful effects. One may find a lot of flavors available in the market as well and the users can choose their customizations according to their preferences. We might be gradually moving towards a vape culture. Have you ever tried vaping? What is your best vape

There are certain facts which you need to know about vaping. Following post will give you small idea about it.

No toxic tobacco burn

If you are thinking of shifting from smoking to vaping, then you should get rid of your lighter as the e-cigarettes use battery to make heat. The device contains a cartridge and vaporizer. When you start puffing the e-cigarette, battery helps the heater to heat the liquid inside the cartridge and then start vaporizing it. Unlike the conventional cigarettes, vape pens do not burn tobacco and therefore you do not inhale any smoke. It remains odorless and you can inhale pure vapor. 

Contains nicotine without carcinogen

Although vape pens do not burn tobacco yet it does contain nicotine fluid which remains inside the cartridge. It is actually a mixture of chemicals which include nicotine, various flavorings, propylene glycol and numerous other chemicals. The best part is, with vaping, you don’t have to encounter the toxic carcinogens.

Less harmful

From various reports and studies it has been observed that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Vaping also does not lead you to any addiction whereas smoking leads you to the addiction of nicotine. If you are thinking of quitting cigarette then vaping would help you in this. It might not cause any severe health trouble either for long term usage. 

No stain, ash or bad breath

If you need more inspiration to take to vaping over smoking, this point could be handy. Yes, vaping does not cause those nasty yellow stains that you get from smoking. Also, vape cartridges do not produce ash so you can be steer clear of ash mess around. Besides, vaping doesn’t cause bad breath woes that smoking causes.

More economical

E-cigarettes are reusable as long as you can charge the battery. Vape pens usually come with charger or USB. You can also refill a new cartridge as well or you can fill the empty cartridge too. Apart from this vaping, would reduce the cost of smoking as well. While you spend around $1000 annually for smoking cigarettes, it will come down to $600 or so for vaping. The basic starter pack of e-cigarette would cost around $30 – $100 which depends upon the manufacturers, models and sizes. 

Whether vaping is allowed or not is a matter of contention. Since smoking regular cigarettes are allowed in market place, therefore vaping e-cigarettes might also be legal in public place. There are not much health risks for vaping either. Despite having nicotine content, vaping does not expose you much to nicotine. This is because it does not burn tobacco. If you are seriously thinking of quitting smoking, then you should go for a higher quality vape pen. Higher quality devices might give the users a satisfying experience. It would provide the user an almost smoke like sensation and would eventually help in quitting cigarettes. Since vape pens give you options for customizations, therefore you can start with high nicotine and gradually move towards nicotine-free vaping. This would gradually help you in leading a healthier life.