June 18, 2024

Are You Getting Bored In The Lockdown? Try These Exciting Mobile Games!

Coronavirus, better known as COVID-19, has clutched the lives of people all over the world. Since there is no vaccine available to treat this virus, the only way to stay safe is social distancing. You must stay at your home and avoid stepping until or unless it is an extremely urgent issue. People have not faced anything like this ever before, and it is making it highly challenging for them to stay inside their house. Some of them are suffering from panic attacks and boredom. Despite being in lockdown, it is necessary to keep your mind active and stay engaged in interesting activities. One of the best ways to spend your time at home is by playing video games.

There are various exciting mobile games that you can during this lockdown and stay connected with your friends and stay away from boredom and negativity. If you are a Pokemon Go lover, then you can check pokemon accounts here to play during the lockdown, but there some other amazing mobile games too that you must play while being in quarantine. You can play various mobile games during your free time and get some entertainment and excitement instead of sitting idle and getting negative thoughts.

Some of the best mobile games to be played during the lockdown

PUBG Mobile

When it comes to mobile games, PUBG is undoubtedly one of the most popular and exciting games. It is available on all major operating systems and platforms and is entirely free to play. It is a multiplayer game in which you can connect with your Facebook friends, relatives, and colleague and team up with them. It is a game of survival in which total of 100 players land in a map and you need to kill others and survive till the end. You can team up with your friends and communicate with them using the voice chat feature. There are numerous modes available in this game, such as classic, Team deathmatch, Payload, etc. It is a bit heavy game, and if your device isn’t capable of running it, then you can also download the lite version and enjoy the lockdown staying in your house.

Call of Duty Mobile

You must be aware of Call of Duty and would have possibly played it too. The PC and console versions of this game got immense popularity, and gamers all over the world went crazy about it. Recently, the developers have launched the mobile version of this game and provide users an opportunity to get the same combat experience on the phone screens. It is a highly exciting game, and you can spend hours playing it in the lockdown. The user interface is quite appealing, and it offers a wide range of modes, which makes it even more interesting. You can team up with your friends in the game, kill the enemies using amazing guns and other weapons. The overall experience is quite thrilling, and it makes you feel like a soldier on a mission. It also has a voice chat feature that allows you to talk with your teammates while playing the game and coordinate the plans and moves.

Pokemon Go

You must be surprised seeing this game on the list if you know about it as Pokemon Go needs you to step out of the house to play it, and it is not possible during this lockdown. But with the recent update, the developers of this game have provided some new features to the users while allowing them to catch pokemon staying in their homes. In the latest update, they have increased the number of habitats, which has made it easier for the players to spot pokemon around them without getting out of their houses. Adding to it, there are also offering some incense packs to the users at great discounts so that they can easily boost the monster spawns and catch more Pokemons without breaking the lockdown.

Clash of Clans

It is another highly exciting mobile game which is completely free to play. You can easily download it one any Android or iOS device. It is a game totally based on strategy and will keep you quite engaged during this boring lockdown period. In the Clash of Clans, you can build your village and manage a clan. You also need to protect it as other players will try to attack your village and occupy it. There are various hero characters that you can choose, and with the new updates, the game has offered some great features to the users.

Ludo King

When it comes to destroying boredom, there is nothing better than playing Ludo. Ludo King is a virtual version of a traditional ludo game and has gained a lot of popularity. You can create a private room and add your friends to have a ludo match with them. You can also play against other players all over the world and kill time during this lockdown phase.