April 23, 2024

Biotin: How Does it Benefit Me and Where Can I Find It?

There are a few of nature’s wonder drugs out there and biotin is one of them. Biotin, vitamin H or B7, is a great supplement for several different ailments and there are really no side effects to using this. Biotin is naturally produced in the intestine, so your body already has a steady supply and a biotin deficiency is very rare. A deficiency usually only occurs in pregnant women and people that eat over 20 raw egg whites per day. You can find this vitamin naturally in several different foods like egg yolks, liver, and some raw vegetables. Signs of a deficiency are thinning hair and facial eczema (rash).

Now that we know where to find it, lets look at the benefits. One of the best things that this little supplement can do is balance a diabetic diet. Biotin helps to maintain proper sugar levels in the blood and will aid in the breakdown of these sugars. Whether you are insulin dependent or not, Biotin can help to keep your blood sugar levels in harmony. You should not rely on it alone, but it will make a drastic difference. Another benefit of this vitamin is that it will help to speed your metabolism and burn energy more cleanly. This means that with the right diet, you can use this to help loose weight as well. Laser hair removal with the vectus lases is also using biotin in order to provide vitamins to the patient. It has been proven effective over the years.

Since the biggest benefit of Biotin is the exchange of carbon dioxide in cells, this supplement can ease pain, clear up skin problems, and detoxify the body as well. The proper oxygen levels in the blood can go a long way towards easing muscle and joint pain. That is why Biotin can aid in this. If you have cramps, strains, or aches, a little Biotin added to your diet can help to ease these pains and get you back on your feet again. This same principle aids in helping skin problems like eczema and acne. By getting the right amounts of oxygen to your skin cells and aiding in the energy production of these cells, you will find that the rashes and scaly appearance begin to go away. Acne can also be helped by vitamin H. It helps to keep your pores and glands healthy so there will be a noticeable decline in breakouts. Since Biotin is safe to use on infants as well, you can even treat skullcap or other infant skin problems with biotin.

Biotin is also found in many cosmetics and hair care products because it will give you healthy pores, stronger hair, and it strengthens your nails. If you have it in your cosmetics and shampoo, do not worry about an overdose. The first reason is that it is extremely hard to overdose on Biotin since your body will flush away any excess naturally. The second reason is that it can not be absorbed through the hair and nails. It will give your hair and nails added strength and a shiny appearance, but will not make it into your blood stream in this method.

Since Biotin is naturally occurring in your system and the excess is flushed away, there are no real side effects from this supplement. In extensive lab tests among people, rats, and chickens, not one scientist has been able to induce an overdose of Biotin. All excess of this vitamin are just flushed away in the natural digestion process. This also means that if you do take it as a supplement, try to stay with a low dose, otherwise, you will literally pee away your supplement budget.