May 19, 2024

Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum- How to Choose?

When it comes to making a choice, you have unlimited options to choose from along with what, how and where to choose. But the problem is that you often get confused due to the very same unlimited options that you are given.

There come many times in life where we get numerous opportunities to prove the mettle that we have inside that we are no less than others and set an example of merit so that we are accepted and appreciated by not only our families but also the society in general.

While you are at it, there are many who tend to become envious of your talents and skills and try to pull you down when you are at a slow and steady pace in the path you have taken in the road to success, which is the final destination.

But why do you allow others to do this to you? Why do you let the world take advantage of your capabilities and let them get the better of you? Why do you feel their need and importance in your life that their opinion is akin to the highest form of truth?

These are some of the questions for which there are no satisfactory answers and there is no person in this world who has not experienced the situations that make them doubt their abilities and simply rely on others to decide their level of intellect to prove themselves worthy of their attention.

The general problem with the youth is that most of them are dealing with such issues simply due to lack of confidence in their capabilities. Although, they have a nice thirst inside them to prove themselves, they tend to get carried away by gossips and negative comments from the outside world, resulting in problems with nerve issues.

In a way, they are not to be blamed for it as they are, right from birth, have this belief beaten into their head that life is not a bed of roses but a path of thorns. They are taught to be competitive and ambitious and choose only that path that tends to give you success.

It is your parents that nurture you into being a good person who is very successful and appreciated in life. Now there is nothing wrong with this fact as all parents are the same and want their children to be good human beings.

But the problem starts when they themselves start interfering in their lives and choosing the path and careers on their offsprings’ behalf instead of letting them decide what career they want to choose.

The parents instead put the burden of their unfulfilled ambitions onto the shoulders of their children, regardless of the fact that their children may or may not be able to fulfill them has everyone has their own set of skills and ambitions.

In the 21st century, the younger folks have numerous options to choose from rather than simply relying on relatively well paid jobs with no secure future in the bargain but more and more tension and stress.

This is an era of crypto-currency and here we have to choose from these options- bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum. All three are very similar and linked to each other and yet very different in skills.

All are called crypto-currencies but it was bitcoin that started out big, with some excellent success, and then started its plunge to the bottom where today it is on the brink of decline.

Litecoin, also devoid of central bank, is different as it can and has generated atleast 10 times the number of coins compared to bitcoin, though the aftereffects are almost nil. Ethereum has a unique code with security passwords but it is vulnerable to external interference.

In a nutshell, when it comes to choose any one of them your choice is limited as all of them cannot be completely relied upon as they are not without a heavy cost in the bargain of earning millions and you might end up nowhere.

Uberzeugt hat bitcoin era, people have convinced bitcoin era that they are slowly going to become history, proving to be more trouble than worth.