April 23, 2024

Can You Train My Dog To Bite People And Protect My House?

Dogs can be your best bet if you want to keep your house protected at all times. Extensive training provided to dogs allow them to hold capabilities that helps them to become great protection animals. Yes your dog can be trained in the proper manner in order to protect your house. However it takes time and there are some important things that you will need to follow. Let us have a look at the points in the next segment. This articles also helps us to find out which is the best dog nail grinder?

5 Things To Remember For The Best Training

Here are 5 important points that you will need to remember in order to train your dog properly.

Teach obedience command 

the very first thing you will need to teach your dog before they can protect your house are the basic obedience commands. This includes that your dog must sit down, stand up, come to you and stop barking almost all the time when you call them.

Your dog must also learn to respond and bark whenever you call them. It is important that your dog understands he must listen to what you say.

Socialize your dog

socializing your dog is a very important task you will need to accomplish. You must take your dog to new places and introduce to different people. This will allow them to cope with new situations and be prepared for unexpected meetings and activities.

Socializing your dog is very simple. Just take the dog out for a walk to different places throughout the week. If your dog is afraid or does not want to go near someone or any object, take them even closer. Allow them to investigate and let them understand what it actually is.

Teach the dog “bark” command

it is an essential command that every protection dog needs to learn. The bark command is a vital characteristics that comes in a natural manner to many dogs but you can teach them as well. However it will take a lot of time and patience on your part. Dogs can start barking when they see a complete stranger or they can be made to bark when you say a code word or command.

This results in the other person to maintain a safe distance and not to do anything mischievous when the dog is around with you. Keep in mind that if the dog is not learning the bark command or does not bark even at strangers, then it is not a very good protection dog in that case.

Teach your dog to back off

just as important it is to train your dog to attack an intruder, you must also make them learn to back off. It is a vital part of the entire training for protection dogs. It will help to prevent severe injuries.

As soon as the dog puts his teeth onto the intruder and brings the person to the ground, you must train and dog to listen to your command and come back. This will help you to control the dog’s instinct of attack and defense. He may attack the intruder as much as he wants but he should also backup the moment you call him.

So here are the top things you will need to keep in mind and train your dog to protect your house in the most effective manner possible.