May 19, 2024

Mohns Procedure: Treatment For Skin Cancer For Complex Forms

For most people in towns and cities the local dermatologist can test and remove simple basal cells from face and body. But for those people whose skin cancer is complex and can spread, like some of the more virulent forms, Mohns procedure is recommended.

Many of the specialists in Moh’s procedure have training not just in dermatology but plastic surgery as well. This allows them not just to treat the skin cancer surgically but to repair the area as well.

I have had the procedure three times, on the face twice and once on the foot. In all these occasions the operation took longer than the usual skin cancer removal. The doctor removes the cancerous tissue, which is then tested in the laboratory while the patient waits. If there are no cancer cells found, the operation is over and the patient dismissed and goes home. If there remains cancer tissue, more surgical intervention is made. No one can tell that I have had surgery on my nose, even though I have had two surgeries in that location, one in which the entire right side of the nose area was part of the surgery.

Is it painful? Just like other surgeries a range of pain occurs. Most people find that Tylenol after the surgery works as well as anything. Others may need more pain medication, as doctors say, based upon individual pain tolerance, the place of the operation and the complexity of the procedure performed.

For two of my surgeries I took over the counter medications and was fine. But for sugery on the soft area of my foot between toes and heel in the middle where the veins cluster, the surgery was complicated and painful and required prescription pain medications afterwards.

Those with fair complexions may be prone to skin cancers, however it can affect anyone. A dermatologist may recommend this special procedure called Mohs, which can often remedy the problem and remove the potential for reoccurence of the skin cancer in the spot where it was removed. The healing process for the operation is different for every person. For those with diabetes, antibiotics are often prescribed. Those with circulatory problems will take more than the ordinary length of time to heal. I have both conditions, and so the doctor recommended elevation of the area of surgery and careful removing of the bandages and follow up care.

Skin cancer can be an issue that needs regular follow up and treatment. Once an individual has had skin cancer, the recommendation is to follow up with a specialist every six months but the good thing is you Look as good as you feel at Michigan Plastic Surgery because of the high tech surgery methods which keeps the skin texture original and prevents it from getting worsen because of the disease.  Mohs may be part of that treatment, and if it is, it can provide the patient with the type of intervention that may be critical to remove skin cancer in an effective, relatively painless and cosmetic way.

For those interested in this procedure and how it is helpful in the removal of skin cancer in ways that are thorough and provide a more cosmetic look, the information can be found here.