May 19, 2024

Strategic Rule Of Play- Clash Royale

When you are out to accomplish the task at hand, you would naturally work it out in advance so that you achieve success. No task is easy or difficult at first glance and it all depends on the way you want to look at it.

There are many things that you could be doing and resort to unfair means to accomplish goals within a short time. You will find many people in current times that do resort to shortcuts in life in their plot to grab more than they can get or deserve.

It goes to show that everything is fair in love and war and life itself is a mixture of both. So you can find people taking the wrong path to be the right thing, atleast for the moment just to get oneself out of the predicament.

It is the job of a politician to resort to sweet words and coercion to get the required number of votes to establish his government and rule the entire country. Even young students resort to thievery like stealing question papers from the locker to pass in their exams.

The problem is that they do not use their cunning mind for a good cause and only resort to such methods out of sheer desperation and this is where they shoot themselves in the foot and no do no more than repent as now it is too late to make amends.

Gaming Strategy

Fortunately, there is a place where strategic planning can help you achieve your ends but as of now it is not the real world but the virtual world of video games where some are purely for entertainment purpose while others require brains and focus to sail through.

One such game is Clash Royale, where some of the aforementioned people can use their sharp mind to clear the various levels and challenges thrown at them and their criminal mindset is just what this game requires in order to complete all the tasks and win the game.

Clash Royale is basically about a deck that is positioned in a grand manner and has all sorts of challenges in the form of levels and tournaments where all the players have to tackle everything and come out with flying colors.

This may seem tough at first but once you understand the basics, you can easily develop a gaming strategy where clash royale decks can teach the enemy a bitter lesson.


One fascinating and likable thing about this game is that apart from being developed by Supercell, it also takes the inputs of various interested players in order to make them more engaging and user friendly.

Of course, this is a nice strategy on their part to get more and more people to play their game, but it does reflect on their simplicity as they value their users’ interests and welfare which is hard to find in other games.

It is not just limited to experienced players as even newer ones, who might not know much about it, can also add their two bits and modify certain things for themselves to suit their convenience.

So, you can see there are many such benefits that users can avail in Clash Royale and utilize this unique feature to their advantage as their inputs will also be taken into consideration by the authorities and the game can be simplified or made more thrilling.

Planning for Improvement

Despite the above advantages, some users still find it difficult to understand the game in its entirety, especially the beginners who might not have even heard about it before and just stumbled upon it by other sources.

What happens here is that while they start it out well in the beginning, they begin to feel the pressure as the game goes on and the levels become more challenging and they are unable to cope up with it.

Therefore, we have certain tips on how to use Clash Royale in an easy manner:

  • In the beginning, just lie in wait until the elixir is showing a full meter and then proceed with your cards
  • Have your troops with combat units of the highest order to tackle the enemy with strength
  • After destroying the two towers, finish of the inhabitants at a quicker pace