May 19, 2024

Tips You Should Know Before Purchasing Dual-Flush Toilets

Most households around the world use dual flush toilets. This is why it can save almost around 70% water. So, the wastage of water is far less than any other regular toilet. Dual flush toilets generally have two flushing options. These two options include a high volume flush and a low volume flush. These are ideal for flushing solid wastes as well as liquid wastes. This system of dual flush is capable of meeting both high as well as ultra-high flushing standards. If you want to install or fix this toilet, hire a professional plumber north west london service is quite apt for that

Different models of Dual-Flush Toilets

This water-saving efficient toilet can distribute flushing water better than any other toilet. The flushing choice that this toilet offers is quite lighter and more efficient. While buying or installing this toilet, you need to choose the right model. Some of the models of dual flush toilets are:

  •     Electronic flush

Toilets that are high-tech use this model. It sets each flushing duration used by pumps that are controlled electronically. 

  •     Dual-Lever Flush

There is a 2-stage lever on both sides of this tank. You can either choose the reduced or full flushing. This lever does all the work for you. 

  •     Manual Tower Flush

There are two buttons on this flush which are the manual push flush buttons. 

Advantages of installing a dual-flush toilet

The reason most people choose to install this dual-flush toilet system is its advantages. This toilet is quite unconventional and different from any other toilet. There are three major advantages of using a dual-flush toilet. These advantages include: 

  • Cost-Savings

This flushing system uses less water, and so the wastage is also extremely less. Thus, the water bill per month is also low. It is capable of saving water almost 4000 gallons annually. So, most residential properties opt for this type of flush toilet. 

  • High environmental impact

A dual-flush toilet has a dual setting mechanism. This mechanism is responsible for the driving of its operation. In addition, the design of this flush toilet is such that both solid and liquid waste can be flushed easily. This leads to the better and higher efficiency of this model of toilet.

  • Low Upkeep

This toilet uses gravity for disposing of all kinds of waste down its large tramway. It reduces a great deal of clogging and even can save your time and energy from all the deep plunging. The maintenance of this toilet is considerably low and efficient. 

Install a dual flushing toilet

This flushing system comes with an owner’s manual. This manual has a set of guidelines and instructions that needs to be followed carefully. For example, the toilets that have push buttons on their topmost lid and the smaller buttons are only used only for flushing purposes can become a waste. The larger push buttons, on the other hand, are used for flushing high volume wastes. Therefore, customers need to use this flushing system on a standard height toilet or a comfort height toilet. Also, you should install a dual-flush toilet depending on the configuration of your bathroom. The installation can be done with the help of the professional plumber north west london services.