June 18, 2024

Yoga Shorts as Swimwear If You Have an Ample Butt

For being such a small girl, I sure have a huge ass for my size. This means come summertime and swimwear I can’t fill out the tops to save my life, and then spilleth over in those tiny bottoms. Classic bikini bottoms cover the majority of my butt but do little to keep the “quad butt” from happening. Quad butt, if you don’t know, is where your underwear or swimsuit bottoms only cover the first half of your butt, leaving your cheeks to hang out of the bottom, cutting your butt in half so it looks effectively like you have 4 butt cheeks.

Enter swim shorts, which are basically just like bikini bottoms only my ass doesn’t eat them so they don’t look like a thing. Swim shorts also end just at the amplest part of the butt, so it cuts off all circulation and makes your legs stick out like cookie dough from the tube. Yeah, sexy. Oh, and once gravity realizes you are trying to cram your butt into material that is praying not to explode from the mass within, your butt cheeks (one at a time) will creep their way out for air. The added bonus to swim shorts- they make your butt look just like a wide shelf with a half-moon coming out the bottom. Just like this you also have Jets Swimwear that keeps your body in shape as you go out swimming. Moreover, you will have the very best swimming experience with this swimwear. Considering all this, you should definitely try jet swimwear if you are not satisfied with your current swimming costume.

This year, I am ignoring the swim shorts, bikini bottoms (even if they come with a skirt- the cheeks are still bare and it’s breezy here!) and going for yoga shorts. Hot yoga shorts, in particular, are a godsend for ladies with ample bottoms who still want swimsuit coverage. Hot yoga shorts can come as long as mid-thigh and as short as cheeks-hangeth-out and are lowrise and adorable, both over a swimsuit for better butt holding, and alone. Since they are more shape-forming, the butt still holds its original shape, and the material is sweat absorbing, making it almost exactly the same material as regular swimwear.

If hot yoga shorts look too tight for your liking, then regular yoga shorts can do the trick and can be purchased in swimsuit type material as long as knee or calf-length for coverage. Sexier and more appealing than board shorts, yoga shorts can appeal to any body type and still allow a person to feel like they are wearing a swimsuit. The coolest thing? You can finally wear swim shorts that hold your ass in without feeling like you have a huge pig butt! And you won’t be pulling wedgies all day long!