April 23, 2024

A Quick Introduction to Liposuction

Liposuction is a technique used to remove extra fat from the specific parts of the body. This advancement in the field of medical science was introduced in Dallas, Fort Worth and rest of parts of United States in early 1980s. This technique is effective in various body parts including tummy, waist, hips, buttock, breasts, thighs, calf, arms and chin. Now days, this Liposuction technique is widely being used in plastic and cosmetic surgeries. People find it the most effective and easiest way to give an attractive look to their personality.

Though Liposuction is used to impart a perfect shape to an obese patient, the effect can no longer be visible if a perfect diet is not maintained by patient. Hence, it could be misleading to believe that these procedures can completely change your outlook without efforts. The success of liposuction lies mostly on the hands of patients. There are few factors based on which the effectiveness of a liposuction surgery or the plastic surgery of lies. There are various tiny canellas that are being used during a surgical operation by cosmetic surgeons to suction the fat deposits under the skin. A much smoother body contouring can be achieved with the help of these small canellas.

Saturating the site of liposuction before the operation counts to the easily removal of fat layers, minimizes the blood loss and reduces pain and trauma to much extent while performing ultrasonic techniques based operation. The fat thus removed from the patients may further be reused for the grafting. Grafting can be done by harvesting, purifying and then ejecting the cells into the depressions or wrinkles under the skin. Ultrasonic techniques are being used for the regions which are much more difficult to operate manually. Above procedures are followed for a successful completion of a liposuction operations. Liposuction can be used to remove or implant fat to any of the part of body, but its result is best viewed on inner and outer thighs, waist, abdominal region, inner knees, inner arms, chin and neck.

There are various techniques that are followed for liposuction surgery. Tumescent technique, dry technique, wet technique, super wet technique, ultrasonic technique and power assisted technique are some of the most widely followed and effective liposuction techniques. Before a patient is declared fit for the liposuction surgery, he/she has to go through certain medical tests. Due to risks and certain complications involved in these surgical operations, the candidates are first checked if they are a smoker or not, have had any medical history of diseases like cardiac disorders, lung disease, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. If a person is found affected by any of these diseases then they may not be allowed to go for liposuction operations. Depending on the operated area general liposuction cost up to $12000 to $20000. The price may vary as per the volume of operation.

Body sculpting has recently become more descriptive so as to impart the patient with their desired outcomes. It is recommended that patient should be completely open to the cosmetic surgeons in order to achieve the perfect figure that is desired. Body countering needs a detailed survey of each and every aspect of the patients. If a patient is little over obese then he is instructed to loose some weight by following a set of diet for certain period of time. Dallas Fort Worth institute of body sculpturing is most famous for breast enlargement. Belly button technique is used to resize the breasts of the patients.

Prior to the surgery, the desired area to be operated is first confirmed by the surgeons. Contour marking is then done accordingly keeping in view all the possible postures of the patient. After the counter marking of the desired portion, small incision is made with the help of canellas. The canellas are slightly inserted in to the skin and the liposuction procedure works on. These canellas are moved all across the portion marked to remove extra fats beneath the skin until the most pleasing shape and size is achieved. While someone has to gain fat under their skin then fat grafting procedure is used. The extra fat is processed and ejected on to the depressions or wrinkles of the skin with the help of these canellas. The whole process involves minimal risks and hence general anesthesia is sufficient enough for the whole liposuction surgery to be accomplished.

A general recovery time after liposuction is scheduled. Initial two days should completely be given for bed rest, only sponge bath is allowed and the patient is instructed to drink plenty of fluids. Pressure garments are kept intact with the patient until the third week of operation. After 3 weeks, a light exercise is suggested with proper massage or ultrasound for smooth effect.

Bear in mind that the cost of liposuction ranges from $2,000 to $3,500 per treatment and not everybody can afford it.