May 19, 2024

How To Create a Romantic Date

You’ve finally met someone you actually really want to impress and are searching to ways to be romantic at your next date. Friends, family and online articles will all give you suggestions about where to go or what to do, but you may find they all seem to miss the boat.

The points that I am going to list out in this article is not something that you can find on your regular dating app but they are based on my own experiences that have worked wonders for me and therefore I am going to share it with you in the hopes that they will prove fruitful to you as well.

I’ve been a relationship therapist for 25 years, and over that time, I have learned that what is romantic to one person may not be romantic to another. So here are some ideas to help you be romantic with that one unique person.

  1. Candlelight dinners and roses may sound nice and may be appreciated, but they lack imagination, and you may not impress the way you hope to. You want to be creative and do the unexpected.
  2. To do the unexpected, you need to listen. That’s right; take the time to listen to what your special someone talks about. If you listen, you will hear about their likes and dislikes and know their unique interests. This will give you ideas for dates that capitalize on those interests. For instance, if your significant other tells you they used to love skiing but haven’t done it in years, you could hire a skiing instructor to help you both get your skiing legs back. You will not only have a great time, but they’ll be impressed that you listened and acted on what they had said. That’s going to feel just as romantic as the actual date. Lots of points here.
  3. Bringing gifts for special occasions is nice and always appreciated. But bringing gifts for no reason is better. And if the gift introduces the evening, the entire date becomes very romantic. Instead of bringing flowers or a gift, have it waiting at your destination. A beautiful arrangement of flowers on the table when you arrive will make any dinner more romantic. Everyone in the restaurant will envy the effort, and she will feel wonderfully special.
  4. Guys often use the electronic signs at ball parks to send messages of love to their date. That’s because they think that it is a very romantic thing to do. You may or may not think so, but why not do the same for them? If going to sporting events is an activity you both do together, make it more romantic for him by doing anything you can to make the date special. Would he like to be a ball boy for a day? Or throw out the first ball at a game? Call the stadium and see what you can arrange. Guys need a little romance, too!
  5. Another great romantic date idea is to stay home and bring in a masseuse for both of you. There aren’t too many people who wouldn’t find that pretty romantic.
  6. Learn to slow dance and teach your partner to dance. Dancing at home can result in a canceled a date and lead to a far more romantic evening. If you sing while you are dancing either your wonderful voice will make the dance more romantic, or the kiss you get to stop the singing will do just as well.
  7. Say “I love you”. Sometimes you just forget how romantic those little words can be.

Be unpredictable. Be creative. Be attentive. Find time for the relationship. Show your mate by the things you do how much you love them as often as possible. Never take their love for granted.