June 18, 2024

Honeymoon Ideas in June

Now that all of your wedding plans are under control, it’s time to decide where to go for your honeymoon. With endless options available, the task at hand may seem daunting, but remember that no matter where you and your spouse travel to on your honeymoon; you will be in newlywed bliss. However, traveling in June offers some options that may not be enjoyable or available other times of the year.


The Bahamas

The Bahamas, although pleasant, are not always conducive to fun in the sun in the middle of winter because the daytime highs may only reach the low 70’s. When you take your honeymoon in June, you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy basking in the sun as newlyweds. One of the best ways to celebrate your new found union in the Bahamas is at one of many couples only all-inclusive resorts. For those couples that have large amounts of disposable income, renting a private island adds the ultimate touch of luxury to a honeymoon in June, not to mention the kind of privacy that a newlywed couple would like to enjoy.



If you want to bask in romance instead of the sun, a romantic getaway in Vancouver, British Columbia, or Banff, Alberta, will surely supply you with a trip to remember. Both Vancouver and Banff are for the more adventurous honeymooners. In Vancouver, you can go kayaking in the Pacific Ocean and take a guided walk through the West Coast Rainforest. In Banff you have the opportunity to go rafting in the Canadian Rockies and go hiking near Lake Louise. Regardless of your choice, both options allow you to cuddle with your sweetheart by the fireplace after a long day outdoors.



For the ultimate escape from the stress of planning a wedding, couples should venture to Maine for their honeymoon in June. One of the most frequently visited cities in the summertime, especially by newlyweds, is Bar Harbor, Maine. You can stay at one of the many intimate bed and breakfasts in town and find yourself in close proximity to the ocean and Acadia National Park. Don’t forget to take a dinner cruise along the coast so you can take in a different view of the picturesque shoreline.


The Mediterranean

There are so many countries that border the Mediterranean and many of them would make a romantic honeymoon destination. You can’t choose only one, and June is the perfect time of year for a Mediterranean cruise to get a sampling of romance from each port that you visit. You can find out if newlyweds have good luck at one of Monte Carlos’s upscale casinos, steal a kiss from your honey in the romance-filled piazzas of Rome, search for treasures at the Grand Covered Bazaar in Istanbul and visit historical sites from the over 2,000 year old city of Alexandria, Egypt.