June 18, 2024

Online Movie Apps Which Are Absolutely Free

Buying DVDs is really an old school trend! With the emergence of various new platforms like AmazonPrime, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. the craze of getting movie discs has lost importance. However, you need to keep in mind that these apps require payments and often, it’s difficult for many to afford any of them. What we sought for next are torrent downloads! They, too, take up space and time, and if the movie isn’t your treasured one, you simply can’t afford to download and watch the same!

If you are tired of hunting out films here and there, these amazing apps will provide you an opportunity to watch the movies online absolutely free! CotoMovies APK on Revistarai enables you to watch your favorite movies without struggling to pay for the pricey platforms!


If you are an indie movie fan, this is the app of your choice! They have a great collection of movies which are classic and indie. The catalog in this app displays a list of movies which are independent and critically acclaimed. If you are in search of some treasure, this app is just for you! The free movies are generally of high quality, but they can’t meet your expectations of new releases!

Sony Crackle

Sony is a popular brand in the world of cinema, and the free movie app Sony Crackle lives up to the expectation! The free movies in this app too have advertisements, and you have to bear with them. However, they are not that intrusive to make you lose patience. From old classics to the new hits, you get to watch a vast range of movies. The interface is easy to use, and you also get the opportunity to watch some TV shows too!


Munch in popcorn and enjoy Popcornfix! This app runs fee movies online and displays a wall full of movies. The films are arranged in categories such that you can easily find your choice. Besides, the new arrivals are arranged just at the beginning to catch your attention. With a high-quality video player, this app runs really smoothly. They also have Popcornflix originals, which you can enjoy!

Tubi TV

This is an app which comes with categorically arranged movies like romance, horror, and other genres. You can easily browse the popular and the featured movies in this app. It runs really smoothly in Android, iOS and other platforms. They have the additional feature od adding films to a queue after you login the application. These queued movies can be accessed from other synced devices, too, and you can enjoy watching with subtitles!


Not only this app gives you access to free movies, but it links you to other websites offering the same. The extensive catalog is just overwhelming. Although there are paid options, you can efficiently access the free ones. Besides, the catalog is prepped using several free movie apps, and hence will leave you glued to the screen for hours, spoiling you with choices!

If you are that movie freak, running for the free options, these are the best apps you can resort too! They are free and offer you a wonderful movie viewing experience without making a hole in your pocket. So, sip your coffee and continue binge watching your favorites in these apps!