Obama’s Getting Ready to Kill Net Neutrality

I think Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign was the biggest scam ever.  Put another way, I was an idiot to vote for the guy.

This would be Obama in 2007:

This would be Obama today:

Apparently net neutrality is officially dead. The Wall Street Journal reports today that the FCC has given up on finding a legal avenue to enforce equal access and will instead propose rules that explicitly allow broadband suppliers to favor companies that pay them for faster pipes.


Shorter: If you have a website, the more money you pay to, say, Comcast, the higher your visibility.

Guess who wins.  Again?

The people who have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

You and me and our little blogs?  Bye bye.




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Your Mamma Said: Wash Your Hands

We’ve known for a while that there are a lot of bugs on toilet handles, shopping carts and money but wow, now we have the details — about what’s on money — and it ain’t pretty:

(Image via DecodedScience.com)

(Image via DecodedScience.com)

Researchers at the New York University’s Dirty Money Project analyzed DNA on $1 bills and found some 3,000 types of bacteria — many times more than studies using a microscope found.

The unpublished findings said 1.2 billion DNA segments were found — half human. The researchers found bacteria, viruses, fungi and pathogens on the money. Specifically, the study found Staphylococcus aureus, a common cause of skin infections, respiratory disease and food poisoning; E.coli, a bacterium found in the intestine that can cause serious food poisoning; the bacterium that causes diphtheria and the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers on the $1 bills.
I’m not all that into the whole sterility thing when it comes to obsessively washing my hands or using hand sanitizers but this is making me think about adding hand-washing to my list after I handle money, which I hadn’t done before.

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How the Dutch prime minister arrived to meet President Obama today:

Dutch PM arriving to meet pres Obama


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NBC to Devote Four Days of Live Coverage to the Kentucky Derby

Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir will reunite to cover the 2014 Kentucky Derby.

The two former Olympic figure skaters plan to cover fashion May 2 at the Kentucky Oaks and May 3 at the Kentucky Derby. NBC will begin live coverage from Churchill Downs on April 30.


Really?  Man-oh-man.  Is this indicative of what the corporate media thinks is important or what?

What the Kentucky Derby means to me is fragile horses whose bodies can’t hold their own weight and who are bred to make money for their owners.  I can’t stand the thought of watching another horse shatter his or her leg.

Not to be Debbie Downer but yo, NBC, how about devoting  four days (or even four hours) to food banks being swamped with clients due to the “Great Recession” and people who aren’t in need being so squeezed they can’t afford to donate a can or two of food?

Aaaah!  Can you hear me screaming now?

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The Average Temperature in the U.S. Has Gone Up 0.48º Per Decade Since the First Earth Day

Avg. Temp Increase Since First Earth Day via OneEarth.org


We should all know by now that when it comes to climate, a few degrees can go a long way. The world’s top climatologists warn that allowing an average global temperature rise of a mere 2° Celsius (about 3.5°F) “would be disastrous.” So it is troubling to think that average temps in the two fastest-warming U.S. states—Delaware and Wisconsin—are 3°F higher than they were four decades ago. Vermont, New Jersey, and Michigan are right behind them, and all of the Lower 48 are heating up faster or just as fast as the rest of the planet. Overall, the average temp for the continental U.S. has gone up 0.48°F per decade since 1970.


As I’ve said before, I feel for the babies.

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The Superman of the Shrimp World

Wow.  The peacock mantis shrimp is one amazing shrimp:

The peacock mantis shrimp, or stomatopod, is a 4- to 6-inch-long rainbow-colored crustacean with a fist-like club that accelerates underwater faster than a 22-calibur bullet. Researchers, led by Kisailus, an associate professor of chemical engineering, are interested in the club because it can strike prey thousands of times without breaking.

The force created by the impact of the mantis shrimp’s club is more than 1,000 times its own weight. It’s so powerful that Kisailus needs to keep the animal in a special aquarium in his lab so it doesn’t break the glass. Also, the acceleration of the club creates cavitation, meaning it shears the water, literally boiling it, forming cavitation bubbles that implode, yielding a secondary impact on the mantis shrimp’s prey.


Here’s a YouTube video of a peacock shrimp hunting a little crab.  The sound of his “club” beating on the crab helps illustrate why researchers had to keep “the animal in a special aquarium” so it didn’t break the glass.


I have new respect for shrimp.

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Let There be No Doubt: Alabama State Rep. Steve Hurst is Really, Really Pro-Gun


Steve Hurst gun float via blog.al.com

(Image via Blog.Al.com)

Alabama Rep. Steve Hurst wants you to know he is for gun rights.

The District 35 Republican from Talladega gets his message across at parades in a very unmistakable way: He uses a giant revolver as a parade float. (And a barbecue. The gun is actually not a balloon but a large barbecue shaped like a handgun.)


Hurst said the parade float has two purposes: For one, it reminds people Hurst is a small business owner. He owns a fencing company and also Haynes Street Pawn and Gun Shop. He sells guns with his business partner. And two, the gun-shaped barbecue, often attached to his truck, reminds people he supports gun rights. Hurst pushed for and won a change in Alabama law that no longer requires homeowners to flee from an intruder.


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