“The Interview” Will Make Millions


Sony pulled the plug on its film, “The Interview,” this afternoon due to the alleged hacking of its email system and the release of embarrassing emails sent from Sony execs.  The powers that be say North Korea is to blame.

My thinking:  One can only imagine who else might have an interest in doing this.

That said, “The Interview” will make millions for Sony. It’ll be released on Netflix and who knows where else and it will eventually be filed under the category of unsolved mysteries like James Dean’s car crash and John F. Kennedy’s assassination.  People will clamor to watch it.

Quite the marketing tool, huh?  (I mean, who knows.)

Just sayin': Question authority.


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Favorite Family Christmas Ornament

Favorite Ornament

I remember this paper ornament being on our Christmas tree when I was a little girl.  It ended up in my collection and I put it in a prominent spot on the wreath every year.

I don’t know where it came from.  I sure wish I did (talk to your parents/relatives about things like this before it’s too late.)  All I know is that on the bottom it says “Made in zechoslovakia.”  My mother’s grandparents immigrated from Poland so maybe it came from her family.  Then again, my father’s relatives immigrated from Germany so maybe it was theirs.

I’ll never know but what I do know is that it reaches back in time in my memories of Christmas so even though it’s a little dilapidated (aren’t those the best kind of ornaments?), I love it for always being there.

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I’m Hating on Marsala Tonight


Pantone Color of the year via pantone.com

(Image via Pantone.com)


There’s a company out there known as Pantone.  According to Wikipedia, it is the worldwide color-picker and we’re supposed to love what it loves:

Annually Pantone declares a particular color “Color of the Year”. Twice a year the company hosts, in a European capital, a secret meeting of representatives from various nations’ color standards groups. After two days of presentations and debate, they choose a color for the following year; for example, the color for summer 2013 was chosen in London in the spring of 2012. The color purportedly connects with the zeitgeist; for example the press release declaring Honeysuckle the color of 2011 said “In times of stress, we need something to lift our spirits. Honeysuckle is a captivating, stimulating color that gets the adrenaline going – perfect to ward off the blues.” The results of the meeting are published in Pantone View ($750), which fashion designers, florists, and many other consumer-oriented companies purchase to help guide their designs and planning for future products.


A few weeks ago Pantone decided that Marsala is next year’s color.  Period.  That means Pantone wants us to wear their color, decorate with it, put it on our lips, paint with it and everyone from QVC to Burbury is undoubtedly scrambling to put stuff out in that color as we speak.

Ugh. It’s a drab, depressing red. Dusty. Been there done that during the Queen Victoria era. My grandmother, who was born in 1896, would have loved it.

I hate it.

Just sayin’.  Buy. By.






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What Joseph and Mary Would See Today

Banksy’s Christmas card:

Banksy's Christmas Card via Greg Mitchell

(Image via GregMitchellWriter.Blogspot.com)

Where can I get a box?



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Quickie: Daily Mail Article About Drug Settlement Doesn’t Name Drug

DailyMail Masthead

I go to the Daily Mail website every once in a while because I see it as my TMZ or my People magazine.  You know, gossip.

Today I noticed an article there titled:  Patients who claim they developed gambling and sex addictions after taking Parkinson’s medication are offered settlement by drug company.

I was drawn to it because my husband has dementia with “Parkinsonism” so the word “Parkinson’s” leapt out at me.  He takes a drug prescribed to Parkinsan’s patients for tremors so, you know, I was curious.  I wanted to know if the sex and gambling drug was the one he’s taking.

I looked for the name of the drug but after reading the article I shook my head and wondered if I’d missed it because I didn’t see it.  So I read it again and it wasn’t there.

I know the Daily Mail is trash journalism but my god, to write an article about a drug that causes compulsive gambling and sex addition and not to mention the name?  Really?!!

Isn’t the whole point of so-called news and so-called journalism to provide information and to inform people?

Geezus.  Unbelievable.



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$81 Million of Our Tax Dollars Went to Two Psychologists Who Designed Torture Program

For the last few hours I’ve been sitting at my computer reading the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s report on the CIA’s interrogation program and various tweets and short articles about what people are finding.  This is an early, SMDH finding:

The CIA contractors who helped develop and operate the “enhanced interrogation techniques” that the agency used on terror suspects, including waterboarding, were paid more than $80 million, according to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on the CIA’s interrogation program released Tuesday.

The contract was for more than $180 million, but the contractors had only received $81 million when their contract was terminated in 2009.

Although the committee did not identify the contractors, NBC News has previously identified them as Mitchell, Jessen & Associates, a Spokane, Washington, company run by two psychologists, Dr. John “Bruce” Jessen and Dr. James Mitchell, who had both previously worked with the U.S. Air Force.

The report states that when they were hired the two did not have “specialized knowledge of al Qaeda, a background in counterterrorism or any relevant cultural or linguistic experience.”


(My emphasis.)

These are apparently some of the so-called “interrogation techniques” Messrs. Jessen and Mitchell devised:

At least five CIA detainees were subjected to ‘rectal rehydration’ or rectal feeding without documented medical necessity,” according to the summary. “The CIA placed detainees in ice water ‘baths.’ The CIA led several detainees to believe they would never be allowed to leave CIA custody alive, suggesting to one detainee that he would only leave in a coffin-shaped box. One interrogator told another detainee that he would never go to court, because ‘we can never let the world know what I have done to you.’ CIA officers also threatened at least three detainees with harm to their families — to include threats to harm the children of a detainee, threats to sexually abuse the mother of a detainee, and a threat to ‘cut [a detainee’s] mother’s throat.'”


ViceNews will soon release a video interview with Mitchell.  Here’s the trailer:

Today is a tragic day for the United States and, for that matter, the world.  On the evening of 9/11 I remember being afraid the Bush administration would go off half cocked and do things we would come to regret and sure enough, here we are.  They went insane with fear and rage, and I’m only talking about torture (not to mention Gitmo, Iraq, the NSA, the Department of Homeland Security, all the people who have been killed or displaced and our poor soldiers dead or now suffering from PTSD, etc).

Our national honor is in shambles.

More as details of the report come in.

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Sunday Night in America

There but for fortune go you or go I…

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