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Free Online Resources for Acquiring Job Skills and Advanced Training

In today’s tough job market, acquiring a new job skill may determine whether or not you land that new job or even whether or not you retain the job you have. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time or the extra income to take classes but now there may be some other options. Read on to find out some alternative and FREE ways to get new skills under your belt.


Knowledge of Word, Excel and Powerpoint is one of the most desired skill sets especially in office oriented positions. If you have not had the opportunity to learn these programs and would like to do so now, here are a couple of options.

1.) Microsoft recently announced a program called Elevate America which offers FREE on-line basic, advanced  amp; certification courses. The basic skills course is a good starting point and gives a sound overview of how a computer works, the internet, wordprocessing (WORD), spreedsheets (EXCEL) and presentations (POWERPOINT), computer security, and what they call digital lifestyle (digital photography, music  amp; video).

2.) Once you have completed the Elevate America Basics Overview course, you can obtain more detailed instruction by doing the outstanding tutorials in WORD, EXCEL and POWERPOINT. Don’t have these programs on your computer? No problem. Download a FREE six month trial offer of Microsoft Office for Students/Home at

Elevate America is also seeking to offer FREE on-line and instructor led advanced and certification courses through a voucher system administered by state and local governments. The program is currently being rolled out in Washington State but will be implemented in other states shortly. Check out the site for more details.


In today’s global economy and with the increase in cross border trade, learning a second language may be a good career move. Luckily, our friends at the British Broadcasting Company offer FREE beginner through advanced on-line language courses in seven languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Greek, and Italian. Check it out at


This one is a little hard to believe but many colleges and universities across the country are now offering access to their courses online for FREE. You will not be matriculated and therefore will not earn a degree but will certainly improve you knowledge on a given subject. Additionally, you may impress prospective employers with your motivation and willingness to learn as well as your resourcefulness  amp; creativity in accomplishing a goal.


If you are trying to promote your website or work in or would like to work in an e-commerce job, then you may be interested in a new FREE online Web analytics course offered by GOOGLE. The course will provide instruction on Google Analytics implementation, administration, and analysis tools. Additionally it will focus on the elements required to pass the Google Analytics Individual test ($50.00) and receive a qualified Google Analytics Certification.


Whether you work for or would like to work for a small business or maybe even start one of your own, the SBA offers an impressive selection of online courses which may be of interest in categories including “Starting a Business” , “Surviving a Down Economy”. Moreover, you can try out ebay accounts for sale that you can use after learning a new language and sharing your newfound knowledge with other people as well. This way you can share your experiences online with other in the same field.

Heroes of Newerth 2.0 And Why It’s Good

This review is targeted at gamers who have never touched the DotA genre, or the MOBA genre as it’s starting to be called (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).

There are currently 3 games in that genre. DotA (the longtime Warcraft 3 mod), League of Legends, and Heroes of Newerth.

Heroes of Newerth 2.0 was released at the end of 2010, and S2 Games decided to up the stakes with massive changes to quite about everything about the game without sacrificing the quality of game-play, and actually improving it.

Oh, and it was considered an expansion pack that S2 released free of charge. They’ve been keeping their promise of free updates and never a subscription fee.

But enough of that, let’s just get into the important part: Why this game is good and why it won an award for it.

My score for its graphics and audio was 23, for obvious reasons: The engine and the graphics it supports are incredible. If you’ve never played DotA, let’s just say that DotA’s still stuck with Warcraft III graphics. The new graphics in HoN don’t even need to be this well done (compared to LoL, which looks like a kid’s playground), but S2 Games outright went with it and designed it based on their other game, Savage, and brought out HoN’s fantastic graphics. Sure, it’s not Chrysis, but it’s enough for a mediocre laptop to play, on normal specs. The audio is somewhat lacking in the 2.0 version (partly because S2 Games for some reason introduced a few annoying sounds that they are trying to fix), but each and every hero has its own voice actor that says many different things. Taunting your prey has never been so fun.

Gameplay got the highest score because HoN gives you the full joy of playing an mmorpg in generally 1 hour. You level up, you get items, you learn skills, you fight your enemy, you defend your faction (and destroy the other). Except, the DotA genre in general also incorporates the most deeply diverse game-play you will ever find in gaming, period. Strategy and thinking quick on your feet combined with a through knowledge of every single thing is the advantage, combined with quick decision making. And HoN has all of that. I won’t bother explaining it, it’s too much for people to handle most of the time.

For creativity, S2 quite literally took the skeleton of HoN from DotA (this is understandable). They don’t change a thing about the basic game-play, which was what attracted the majority of players to it anyways. But what got them a score of 20 from me (instead of a 15) was that they went on and became creative with the basic scheme and started making their own mark. They introduced S2 original heroes to the game, that are not from DotA, and created a general new game that still has the important ideas of DotA that made it such a great game. When you visit site of different games, you’ll observe that it is a good game to consider.

Fun is a word used lightly here. For the new player, they have never seen a competitive scene like the MOBA genre. Hardcore is a term used here, and HoN 2.0 literally introduced a mode called Casual mode for those who couldn’t take the heat. New players generally should stay away from Normal mode and frolic in Casual mode for a while to get a feel of the game; otherwise, they wouldn’t know heads from tails.

However, HoN is fun at all aspects of the game with similar level players. It’s difficult to explain the euphoria and massive amounts of endorphins released suddenly when you achieve a difficult kill streak and what-not, but it’s best for the player to experience for themselves.

The game is 30 dollars one time payment (but has micro-transactions for purely cosmetic items if the player so wishes, which will never affect game-play and provide advantages). S2 Games promised to never include a subscription fee, or even force us to pay money for updates. This is the best choice if you want something to play whenever you have the time, but don’t want to be confined to an online mmorpg that affects your life.

An Ultimate Guide To Choose The Best Crypto Signal Service!

With the increasing modernization all around the world, almost everything is now digitalized and is possible to be done virtually. Even the currency is currently being digitalized, which has given birth to a new kind of currency known as a cryptocurrency or digital currency. These are decentralized currencies that have no governing authority over them as the users completely control them. There are umpteen types of cryptocurrencies in the market, which has offered an excellent opportunity for investors to invest in them and earn the right amount of profits. But it is a challenging task to invest in them efficiently as for it they need to have in-depth knowledge of the market conditions and fluctuations.

With the burgeoning demand of cryptocurrencies and problems faced by people to understand the market, a lot of services have surfaced in the market to help and guide the investors, and one of them is crypto signal services. These services provide signals to the investors and guide them to make the right decision and grab the right opportunity. It lowers the risk involved in investing in digital currency and increases the chances for the investors to earn good profit. If you want to make some profitable deals, then you must visit the immediate edge bot and become a great trader of cryptocurrencies.

Most important factors to consider while choosing a crypto signal service


Quality is one of the most important to consider while buying anything or hiring any service, and crypto signal service is no different. There are umpteen options available in the market that can offer you crypto signal services, but you need to choose the best out of them, and quality is an excellent factor in comparing them all and picking the most efficient out of them. Crypto signal services are all about making predictions and guiding the investor in the right way. You must choose the crypto signal service that makes the most accurate predictions and can help you the most in understanding the market conditions and making your next bid move easily.

Adding to it, you must consider the speed of the signal service, and as the market fluctuates at high speed so as to take the most advantage of the opportunity, you must receive the signal immediately, and the service must be able to produce signals quickly. You must check the quality and efficiency of the service before choosing it so that it would be worth the cost, and your hard-earned money doesn’t get wasted.


Crypto signal services are all about reliability and trust as you have to believe their signal, advice, and predictions and make your next move according to it, and any mistake on their part can make you suffer great losses. All your business depends on them, so before finalizing the one, you must ensure that they can be trusted so that your business won’t face any issue under their guidance. To ensure it, you must go for an authorized, and experienced crypto signal service provider as experience plays the most crucial role here, and you must choose a service that is trusted and reliable.

Some of the crypto signal service provider offers advice to traders and investor through automatic software which not reliable. You must ensure that you are dealing with experienced and knowledgeable investors who can guide you in the best way to make the most accurate and profitable trade decisions.

Trial for free of cost

There are various fake and duplicate service providers out there trying to fool the people and make some easy money. You need to ensure that the service provider is real, and one of the best ways to check it is a free trial. Most of the service providers offer the customer a free trial for a certain period of time, and you can take that trial and check that if the service if efficient enough to be hired. A free trial is a great way to check the reliability of the service without risking any money. You can take the free trial, check all the aspects of the service, and if you find no issue in it and are completely satisfied with it, you can hire the full service. The free trial helps to check the quality of service and lower the risk of being caught in any fraud or scam.

Price and charges

Price is always the deciding factor, no matter what you are purchasing or hiring. When it comes to crypto signal services, here too price is the most important factor. You must choose a service provider who can offer efficient services at an affordable and reasonable rate. The different service provider provides varying quality and charges a different price for it. You must choose a crypto signal service provider who offers quality services at reasonable rates. You should neither go for the cheapest one as the quality he offers may be poor and nor go for the most expensive one as it may put a hole through your pocket. For the best results, you should always choose a provider with balanced prices and good quality of services.

Customer support

After-sale services and customer support is always a factor to consider before hiring any service as it is an indicator of professionalism and efficient service provider. Crypto signal services should be quick as the piece of information you need at a time, would be of no use to you the very next second. So, the service should offer you 24X7 support and provide the right information and guidance whenever you need it so that you can grab the right opportunity in time and make the best use of it. It makes the service more reliable and useful to the customer and gives him the most benefits.


Reputation is one of the best factors to evaluate the efficiency and performance of a service provider. You must check the reputation of the crypto signal service before hiring it as it will give you a clear idea about its efficiency and performance. To check the efficiency and reputation of service, you must do some in-depth research about the service and service provider. It will help you to learn about some of the unheard facts about the service provider and will help you to make the right decision.


Taking guidance and advice from someone for your business decision is always a risky thing as one wrong thing can make you lose your money and suffer from huge losses. This is the primary reason why it is essential to check the safety and security level before hiring any service, and when it comes to crypto signal service, it becomes more important because in it the advice holds the most important as all the major decision of the investor is based on the signals and advice. If you want to be on the safe side and avoid facing significant losses so you must choose a safe and secure crypto signal service as it lowers the chances for you to suffer any loss.

To put it in a nutshell, a crypto signal service is highly beneficial to the people trading in cryptocurrencies as it keeps them one step ahead and helps to make the right decision and earn loads of profits.

Home Remedies for Tooth Decay Pain

Tooth decay results from bacteria in the mouth, and causes damage to the tooth enamel. Tooth decay leads to cavities, and if left untreated, tooth decay can lead to pain, infection, tooth loss, and in very severe cases, death. The best way to catch cavities before they become severe is to go to regular dental check-ups, twice a year. However, if you are experiencing pain from tooth decay, there are several home remedies you can use while you wait for a dentist’s appointment to get the problem remedied.

Turmeric Powder: Turmeric is an herb known for its pain relieving abilities. Turmeric is also an anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and is believed to possess fluoride, which is important for tooth health, according to Wikipedia. To utilize turmeric for tooth decay pain, put some turmeric on a cotton swab and apply it to the hurting tooth. Turmeric does not have any side effects, and you can purchase it at health stores, such as Vitamin Cottage and GNC.

Garlic: Garlic also has many health benefits. If you are suffering from tooth decay pain, try applying some juice from a garlic clove to the affected tooth. The juice should provide you with immediate relief as it acts as an anesthetic.

Salt Water: Another home remedy you can use for tooth decay pain is to mix a half-teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water. Rinse your mouth with the salt-water mixture every few hours, as you need it for the pain.

Peppermint Water Mixture: Another remedy for tooth pain is to mix five grams of peppermint and a pinch of salt into one cup of water. Bring the water to a boil. Let it cool, then drink.

Onion: Chew on a piece of raw onion for three minutes in order to relieve tooth decay pain. Not only will the onion relieve pain, but it also kills bacteria on the tooth. If it hurts too much to chew the onion, apply a small piece of raw onion to the tooth directly to relieve pain.

Wheat Grass Juice: Wheat grass juice will not only relieve tooth decay pain, but it will also pull tooth bacteria out of the affected area and keep bacteria from reproducing. Alternatively, you can chew on wheat grass to reduce tooth pain.

Ice: Put a bag of ice cubes on your face where your tooth hurts. Ice should help numb the tooth so that you get temporary pain relief. Another home remedy involving ice for tooth pain involves rubbing a piece of ice between your thumb and forefinger. This supposedly works to relieve tooth pain because it overwhelms the pain impulses that travel along the nerves in the body. However, ice does not always work to relieve tooth pain.

Bacteria causes tooth decay, which can lead to cavities, infection, and in very severe cases, death. Additionally, tooth decay can lead to tooth pain, and while you should have your tooth looked at by a dentist, these home remedies should help you relieve your tooth pain while you wait on a dentist’s appointment.

So guys, don’t waste time and consult your dentist as soon as possible without further delay. The lavish spa dentistry would be an excellent option as it is one of the best dental implants in the colony.

All About Cannabis And Its Various Aspects

Consumption of cannabis helps numerous individuals; accordingly, it allows athletes to perform and run faster and better. It makes the consciousness level of the person more energetic and active in the fields that lead to the fast running pace of the runners, high muscle strength in gymnasts, and many other benefits. It helps painters, writers, poets as well, in applying more innovation in their criteria.

Does CBD available in flavors? 

The addicted people who admire Cannabis oil taste cannabis in flavored pre-rolled cons or rolling joints. They prefer CBD oil in various electrifying flavors such as terpenes, strawberry cough, big Buddha cheese, super lemon haze, blue dream, etc. these flavors are readily available in the market. It ultimately depends on your taste buds, which one you will prefer.

The price range of marijuana or cannabis: 

Do not get confused if you are a beginner in the field of buying and consuming marijuana. Very less priced cannabis is not at all trustworthy and authentic. There are a lot of companies and persons selling unauthentic and fake cannabis roles. You are advised to be aware of these kinds of illegal malpractices. It is recommended to think logically and does not waste your hard-earned money on the flow of addiction to cannabis.  

How do cannabis and its oil kill cancerous cells? 

These days, cancer has become so common to occur in the human body, but its medicines are not yet conventional across the globe. Cannabis utilization is known for fighting against carcinogens and helps in suppressing the formation of cancerous cells in the human body. It works by attacking the negative cells of the brain and body. CBD-International – Cannabis oil for cancer treatment is famous for curing cancer rapidly. The two components of cannabis, namely CB1 and CB2, are the receptors known to kill harmful cells and treat many mental health issues very nicely.

Cannabis oil and its formation: 

Cannabis has more than 500 primary chemicals that are majorly psychoactive, as well as some non-psychoactive compounds. But scientists are not able to clear the statement of how the non-psychoactive elements work on the human body. But still, it is a widely accepted fact that it has many beneficial chemicals if taken in moderate amounts.

Cannabis Vs. alcohol:

Cannabis suppresses the addiction kind of urge formed to the human body. Though consuming cannabis at a very vast level is not at all recommended, but it is known to control the addiction and bad habit of drinking alcohol by sending signals related to weed to our nervous system. It works as a stimulant in our brain that helps in getting rid of alcohol.

How does cannabis help in heart diseases? 

Cannabis provides aid in reliving from minor heart attacks by pumping sufficient blood to your heart and improving the blood circulatory system. It also increases metabolism at a fast rate by making your heart more strong. Consuming cannabis or marijuana in the form of smoking is the best possible way to avail of its advantages. But we do not recommend doing so.

Cannabis and heroin: 

Researchers say that if you consume cannabis at regular intervals, then you can get rid of your habit of in-taking heroin, as utilizing heroin may lead your body’s neurotransmitters to receive positive electrons. It relaxes our muscles and relieves body pain swiftly. If you interchange your consumption of heroin with cannabis, it will benefit you in various ways.

What Time Machine In Apple’s Leopard OS Means For Data Backup

Apple, Inc. is renowned as a creator of easy to use and intuitive hardware, and their software follows suit–OS X has been shipping with a massive bundle of programs which accomplish tasks that Microsoft programs would charge hundreds for. This software suite is one of the biggest reasons that Mac users love their operating system and decry the tyranny of Microsoft’s Windows.

Time Machine is the newest piece of software to join that suite, and it’s one of the best reasons to buy Apple’s OS X Leopard. Time Machine is basically a backup program, and backup programs have been included with operating systems for a while now (Windows has a backup program that was released with much less fanfare and is included with every system). However, this is the first time an operating system has made backups automatic and simple to set up–all you’ll need to do is connect an external hard drive and the Leopard OS will ask you if you want Time Machine to start backing up your files.

It is the job of data room providers to secure data in the operating system and it is they who decide who should be allowed into the premises and who shouldn’t be allowed.

Once you click “yes,” everything is set up and you only need to open Time Machine if you want to stop certain files from backing up (to save disk space), view your system on a given past date (that’s the “going back in time” part, though that functionality’s been around in other programs for a long time), or restore your files including applications, music, pictures, and pretty much anything else on your hard drive.

As with any Apple innovation, it’s likely that Microsoft will soon follow suit. Soon, automatic backups will be considered a standard part of any operating system.

The great thing about this is that home computer users usually don’t back up their data because of the confusing interface and installation procedures of data backup programs, or because they simply don’t have the time. Then, when their hard drive goes down, they’re faced with data recovery bills into the thousands. With the introduction of Time Machine, that won’t be necessary for much longer; all that a computer users will need to do to keep a consistent and reliable backup of their data will be to buy an external hard drive and plug it in to their computer’s USB port.

The data recovery industry, a multi-billion dollar behemoth of the computer repair world, will also see less money coming from Mac based businesses, provided that their IT departments are willing to keep external hard drives plugged in to each computer. Since Time Machine also works with system files, getting busted systems up and running again should be a breeze.

OX X Leopard has only been out for a few days, but the impact of Time Machine on data backup and home computing might be massive.

The FSBO House and You: Selling on Your Own at affordable prices

Knowing how to sell “for sale by owner,” or FSBO, can save thousands of dollars for any home owners. Try selling any home For Sale by Owner before considering paying a real estate agent and the agency they work for up to 7% to sell properties for sellers. Sellers can sell their own house and keep that money for their family as long as they have the determination. All sellers have to do is a little advertising and some research.

First, get the property ready for people to see. If sellers have a messy cluttered home, it is not ready to be shown to potential buyers. Clean up the house and put away all unnecessary clutter. If the house carpets are dirty or smelly, rent a carpet cleaner and thoroughly clean them. When people do eventually come to see any house that is for sale, make sure to put away any pets, keep the sinks and counters empty, maybe light some candles, and don’t have any strange smells in the rooms (don’t cook liver and onions a half hour before a showing, for instance). Some real estate agents and FSBO sellers swear by setting a bread machine to be timed to cook as a showing is about to start. The scent of baking bread can make a house feel homey, which is important psychologically-you want buyers to imagine themselves living in the building.

Once the listing is clean and clutter free, you are ready to take pictures and get your property on the market. Make sure to get the best angle on the pictures you take, and if you don’t have a digital camera, borrow one and upload the pictures onto the internet. After taking pictures, create a listing on the internet at various FSBO websites, and put your pictures and property information into the real estate listing computer system. FSBO sellers can enter into the MLS; check internet search engines to learn how this works in individual states.

After you have taken your advertising steps, sellers should immediately take pictures and create a FSBO flyer on the home. Put the flyers out on the table if you have an open house, and make sure every person who comes into the property gets one. Also put some in an information tube on a sign in your yard for people who are driving by and might want to know how much you are selling the house for. The flyer should include all of the important information about the listing. Go to a local real estate agency or stop by a home that has a sign with any information tube on it and take a flyer. This way you can see how to set up your own flyer for your FSBO home.

Look on the internet and see how other people have done their FSBO listings. Check out different websites and choose which ones you want to advertise on. Some will allow you to have more pictures and space to advertise than others. Compare prices and get the listing up for your FSBO house on the internet as soon as possible. There are tons of potential buyers on the internet and you never know when the family will come along and think your FSBO house is what they have been waiting for. Pasir Ris Central will have the political boundaries and Parliament section. The area will be under the regulation of the Government. So, it will be a safe place for building and hiring residential homes.


Choosing a Nursing Home or Assisted Living for Your Loved One

As a former nurse in the Assisted Living community I would like to help make this situation less painful. Knowing you made the right decision is more comforting that you know. Choosing a Nursing Home, or as I like to call it, Assisted Living Home, is not an easy task. When we check our loved ones in, we know it will most likely be the last place they live. There are several things to take into consideration before making a choice like this for your loved one.

When you have made the decision or come to terms with the realization that you can no longer care for that special person, you must then decide which home is best for them. For living in the Nursing home, the person should clear the cna practice skills test. There should be possessing of specific skills for clearing the practice test. The decision should be taken after considering some facts –

We will take a moment to discuss some things that should make your decision easier.

Visit All the Assisted Living Homes in your area.

Take the time to go in and visit each choice. Don’t disregard based on outside appearance or location. A lot of times, the money goes to care of the residents and less is used to beautify the building. This can be a comfort to you. Take a look around each one.

Let your nose be your guide.

We all know the smell that welcomes us into some Assisted Living Facilities. It does not have to be that way. A strong or pungent odor when you walk in the door is unacceptable in my opinion. There should be a disinfectant smell. However, an overpowering odor of urine, for example, is not normal for this type of hospital. A strong odor may be an indication of residents not being changed frequently or the facility being understaffed. If the nurses are providing the excellent care your loved one requires, they would be clean and fresh. This is also an indication of the care the administrator has for the facility. Would you allow your home to be smell so offensive when you walk in the door? I have worked in facilities that make you gasp as you step through the door and also in those that smell pleasant.

Meet the Staff.

Take a moment to introduce yourself to the administrator and his or her office staff. These are some of the people who will be in your loved one’s life. They will make the decision regarding your nursing team and the care plans. It is appropriate to ask why they have chosen this career field. If loving the elderly and wanting to make their end of life process comfortable is not an answer, move on. Take the time to visit the nursing station. Is it manned? Is the phone ringing off the hook? Are the nurses unpleasant or grouchy with staff or residents? With this type of atmosphere, a healthy attitude makes all the difference. Your loved one, no matter their state of mind, will be aware of someone who is inconvenienced by their job.

Get to know the facility.

Some Assisted Living Homes have activities for the residents. Even the least mobile, coherent and disagreeable patient enjoys activities and events. Ask for a calendar of events for the residents. Most centers offer beauty services for their residents. This is something that the administrator would request from local beauty shops or stylists. The extras offered to the residents is also an indication of the care they will receive. Do they offer a movie night? Have a church group that comes in to visit weekly? Offer pet-visit days? The more they work to provide a less-hospital like environment, the better. Your loved one will be hesitant most likely, but these activities will make their transition much easier to cope with. Another thing to be mindful of are the medical service available. Most centers offer a physical therapist or physical therapy services on site. If they do, ask to visit this section. They should happily allow you to explore the facility. Pay attention to the residents as you explore. Are they dressed appropriately? Are they up and out of the rooms being allowed to mingle with other residents or sharing a day room on a nice day?

Narrow your choices.

By this point, you have visited several locations and met several parts of your potential care team. Now take those choices and do your research. Check them with Google, the health department and the BBB.

Make a decision and feel good about your choice.

Once you have settled on a place, be sure to visit. That is the most important thing you can do for your loved one. Bring items from home that they love and place them around their room. Bring pictures and books with you on your visit. Keep a positive outlook and enjoy the time you have when you

Using Feng Shui Colors for Harmonious Living

In feng shui the most important aspects are the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Each of the feng shui colors is an expression of one of these five elements. The feng shui colors are important because they influence the energy patterns in your home. Because balance is the key to the overall practice of feng shui the colors are used for balancing the influence of the elements, either for toning down or enhancing their influence. In feng shui color is not used to just add some color to make the home or office beautiful. They are used to create the desired environment in the home, office, or other spaces. Moreover, in order to get the best the best feng shui colors you have to select between kreg k4 vs kreg k5 that are the best tools out there in the market. This way you get the best finish and color as you recreate your living area.

Certain elements are inevitable in particular parts of the home, like fire in the kitchen and water in the bathroom. If any one or more of the elements are out of balance then the right color or a combination of colors can be used to bring back balance. Using the feng shui colors you can enhance peace, tranquility, creativity, prosperity, health in the home or office. The bagua determines the energy map of specific areas and is helpful in determining the use of color. The use of color in feng shui is easy to understand and with a little knowledge of the feng shui colors you can create a balanced and harmonious environment in your living and working spaces.

In feng shui fire represents high energy and passion. It is the element of South. Also the Southwest and Northwest areas of your space can benefit from the fire element. When the feng shui fire element is balanced its energy will support all you career efforts and help to bring you recognition for your efforts. The colors corresponding to the fire element are red, orange, purple, pink and the strong yellow color. Red is used to stimulate and intensify emotion. As it is a powerful color it should be used sparingly. Orange is associated with sociability, enthusiasm and optimism. It is ideal for the space where you receive visitors or entertain.

Purple is a psychic color and can be used for healing and meditation. It is a great color for health retreats and spas. It can be restorative and calming when used in the bedroom. For those who are on a spiritual path it can enhance the intuitive faculties. Pink is a feminine color and is associated with love and nurturing. It is helpful for calming hyperactive children and for those having sleeping difficulties, due to its sedative qualities. It is also useful in the southwest area of your home as it corresponds to love and marriage. Yellow is cheerful and uplifting and can brighten up any space create a welcoming and cozy feeling. It can be used beneficially in the family room as well as the children’s rooms as it is used to lift spirits, dispel negativity and raise the energy level. Its fire energy is gentler than red.

The earth element is associated with northeast and southwest as well as the center of your space. A strong earth element can help in creating stability protection and nourishment to your family and other relationships. The colors of the earth element are light yellow and beige. However beige is not used much in feng shui. The element metal in feng shui corresponds to the west and northwest. It brings in the qualities of clarity, efficiency, precision and sharpness. It is represented by the feng shui colors of gray and white. Gray is not used much but can be used sparingly in the north for career and life path, west for children and creativity, and northwest for blessing and helpful people. Avoid using gray in east and south, as it is inimical to wood corresponding to these areas. Remember, metal destroys wood. Feng shui color white is associated with purity, innocence, tranquility and cleanliness. It is most suitable for the west and northwest.

The water element corresponds to ease, abundance and freshness. Water is a powerful feng shui cure as it represents abundance. It corresponds to east for health and family and southeast for wealth and abundance. The corresponding colors for water element are blue and black. Light blue is good for study. It also means gentle growth and harmonious expansion whereas deep blue is for deep calm and serenity. Blue can be brought in the form of art, watercolor and other décor items. The combination of white and blue is very calming. The use of feng shui color black adds strength, depth and definition to any space. It corresponds to the water element in the north for career growth. It brings in energy of stability and grounding and should be used below eye level in the home. Used sparingly it enhances other colors. It can be brought in with frames, furniture and black and white photos. It should be avoided in the south, which corresponds to the fire element.

Wood corresponds to health and vitality and is beneficial in the east, southeast and south. It brings in vitality, health, growth and abundance. The corresponding feng shui colors are brown and green. Brown is best used in east for health and family, south for fame and reputation and southeast for wealth and abundance. It is good for the main entrance and kitchen. Brown is best used sparingly as too much can be depressing. The feng shui color green represents new beginnings, fresh energy and renewal. It is calming for the nerves, nourishes health and brings in vibrations that heal. The best way to bring it in is with plants. It can be used freely in the south, southeast and east areas.

Finally the choice of particular feng shui colors will depend on personal requirements and the experiences that the people living in a particular space are going through. As the purpose of using feng shui is to balance the environment you don’t need to make any changes if balance already exists. Make changes only where there is need for improvement.

Photography Tips: Butterfly Lighting Set Up

Butterfly lighting derives its name from the telltale shadow cast by the nose on the space above the lip. It is created by placing the main light in front of and above the face of the subject.

Butterfly lighting can be considered the missionary position of portrait lighting, because it is the easiest for novices to set up, has very little margin for error, and gets the job done with minimal studio equipment.

This is not to say, of course, that one cannot go wrong with it; but it has more latitude for error than Rembrandt lighting, short lighting, or broad lighting., all three of which place much emphasis on how the shadow plays on the face. Because shadow placement and manipulation are as indispensable as highlights in bringing out the shape and characteristic contour of a face, there is less to go wrong with lighting that basically reduces shadows to a minimum, particularly when this method is modified with a soft box or large umbrella. At this point, you may want to explore what the best lens for canon 80d is, so that you can capture this type of image perfectly.

True, side lighting is just as straightforward in execution and result-light the subject from one side and split the face-but properly it requires fill light or a reflector on the shadow side of the face, which complicates the task of the photographer. The option to leave half the face in shadow without a fill light, is more often seen in movie posters than in portraits, a cinematic effect done to convey mystery and drama.

Because diffused butterfly lighting is less prone to error than other types of lighting, it is the one most often resorted to by beginners, especially when pressed by family and friends to do their portraits. Be aware, though, that because the butterfly is still classified as frontal lighting, it has a tendency to flatten the face.

The basic setup of butterfly lighting is modified with a fill light or reflector directed at the lower part of the face, where the shadows are darkest. The most popular modification of the butterfly is called glamour or Hollywood lighting, because it is often used on actors and models.

How to set up for butterfly lighting:

Step 1

Place the key light along the same axis as the nose.

Step 2

Raise the light higher than the head of the subject and point it downward, watching the butterfly-shaped shadow below the nose. Too low and you don’t get a butterfly; too high and the shadow touches the upper lip, which should be avoided. Ideally, this shadow shouldn’t be longer than halfway between the nose and the upper lip.

Step 3

Lighten the shadows either with a lower-output light placed in the same axis as the main light, but at face level, or with a reflector card placed in front of and below the subjects face. This placement of a reflector is called a kick-up reflector.

Step 4

It can be misleading and downright wrong to simply say, place the main light beside the camera facing the subject, because if the subject is asked to turn for a three-quarters pose the butterfly shadow will be lost. For such a three-quarters pose, the main light should be at three-quarters as well, following the nose axis.