December 4, 2020

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‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’: Get to Know the International Cast

It is not surprising that the newest “Lord of the Rings” movie, “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” has a major international cast. It also has a relatively unknown international cast. Peter Jackson wanted to find actors that fit the roles more than using big names to get butts in the theater seats. As before, it very likely that these names will gain some fame in the coming years. Let’s meet them now and get it started.

Martin Freeman – Bilbo Baggins

Anyone who enjoys British TV knows Martin Freeman, and anyone who doesn’t enjoy British TV should still know him. He has been making a name for himself as Dr. Watson in the show “Sherlock.” He is easily a favorite character in the show, even beating out Sherlock Holmes himself. As for film, people who know that the answer is 42 will recognize Freeman as Arthur Dent in the film adaptation of Douglas Adams’ quirky “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Freeman’s roles have always been fun and witty, something that will make Bilbo Baggins much more enjoyable.

Richard Armitage – Thorin Oakenshield

When first hearing that Richard Armitage was going to play a dwarf in “The Hobbit,” it was difficult to believe. That man is tall, dark, and handsome. He is not short, hairy, and rude. Then photos and clips popped up with him with the full beard and short stature. He didn’t look anything like tall, dark, and handsome, but he did look like a dwarf. The voice remains, luckily. Armitage earned most of his U.S fans from his role as Guy of Gisborne in the BBC show “Robin Hood.” Before that, he earned praise for “North and South.”

Benedict Cumberbatch – Smaug the Dragon and the Necromancer

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman know each other quite well, considering Cumberbatch is the Sherlock to Freeman’s Watson in “Sherlock.” While he is known mostly for his TV roles, Cumberbatch has had small roles in films such as “Atonement,” “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy,” and “War Horse.” Don’t expect to see his face in “The Hobbit.” He will play both roles but through motion capture. The movements and voice is his, but what is seen on screen is all computer graphics. The process is similar to Andy Serkis playing Gollum.

Evangeline Lilly – Tauriel

A Canadian actor among a mostly British cast, Evangeline Lilly gets to play a beautiful but strong elf, Tauriel. Fans of the books will start shouting that there is no Tauriel, and they’re right. Peter Jackson created the character just so he could have a female character. Look at the cast of “The Hobbit” and it is surprisingly woman-less. Besides Galadriel, female characters do not exist. Tauriel provide that needed contrast, but she isn’t a weak female character that needs saving. Evangeline Lilly is best known for her part as Kate in “Lost,” but she’s had film roles in “Real Steel” and “The Hurt Locker.”

Adam Brown – Ori

Chances are slim that anyone recognizes the name Adam Brown. That’s because he’s only done theater productions. “The Hobbit” is the first film appearance for Brown. Before that, he’s worked on one show and a few commercials. Out of the entire cast, Brown really is the unknown. He plays Ori, one of the dwarves on the quest with Bilbo. Ori also appears in “Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” but he is only a pile of bones with quill in hand in the depths of Moria.  A person should have complete information about a league is roughly 3 miles to enhance the knowledge. The estimation of the depth will be accurately measured through the person. 

The Business ABC’s of a Coffee Franchise

Coffee is a drink that is universally enjoyed by those spanning the globe. No matter morning or night, there is almost always someone out there looking for a great cup of coffee, making owning and running a coffee franchise a lucrative option for some interested in investing in a small business opportunity.

The unfortunate thing about coffee franchises is that is often quite a variety for a potential customer to choose from when searching for that perfect cup of coffee. A coffee franchise owner who is looking to be successful in the industry needs to have the knowledge of what it takes to generate god business. For those people, it might just be as easy as remembering the ABC’s.


Being able to properly keep track of all the money flowing both in and out of a coffee franchise is vital to its successful operation. For some business owners, this comes as a painful lesson that is learned in sad retrospect. Investing some time into understanding how the accounting practices for a small business such as a coffee franchise work is key to being able to know exactly where every cent is going.

Business Management

Proper business management is a key ingredient that goes into a successful coffee franchise, or any other business for that matter. An owner must not only account for the day-to-day operations, but also the finer details, such as cleanliness, customer service, and employee appearance and efficiency. For some, this all comes naturally, while others tend to pick it up along the way. The sooner things click, the better off a small business will be.

Customer Service

Aside from the actual coffee, providing the customer with service that amazes is perhaps the most important product a coffee franchise can sell. When the customers are happy, they have no reason to go elsewhere, which will generate a flow of steady revenue from return business.


Understanding that putting a coffee franchise in a location where others already exist is going to result in a much lower business base than if the business was located where there is more of a demand for one is crucial. Why try to cut in on already established business loyalty when there are chances to appease a group that is currently being neglected. Go where the demand for a coffee franchise is greatest. This will help to ensure that the potential base for customers is as large as possible. The different types of coffee beans here are provided through online delivery. There will be no charging of extra cost from the person for delivery of the coffee from the person. 

As part of the service industry, owners and potential owners of coffee franchises need to understand the importance of offering exceptional service with quality products to match. Those looking to become successful in this service should not only practice the above, but also think about extending that commitment all the way through the alphabet.

Important Facts To Know About Tile Saws

Tile saws have always been a very important device that is used for decades now. It can be considered as one of the latest equipment that is designed to solve issues humans faced while cutting tiles and other kinds of ceramic material. Since these materials are very expensive, one could not afford to break or tamper with them. 

Precise and high-end finishing was only possible with the help of a sophisticated machine. Tile saw made it possible. Nowadays, regardless of whatever the design or carving might be, a tile saw can easily help you carry out all the tasks. You can check out tile saw review for better understanding of the best tile saws available.

Here are some important facts that you should know regarding the use of tile saw popularly.

  • Whenever we are planning to do some work, we try do it with lot of perfection and these are the equipment you will need for the perfect tile setting job. Cutting is usually not considered as a profession but a process which leads to the separation of different parts with accuracy and that too without too much of wastage. Tile saws come with accurate angles and specified cutting features which makes sure to provide the perfect finishing and minimizes the waste unlike any other device that is available now.
  • Most people actually do not remember that tiles are made of ceramic and they have dust particles on them. But, it is always recommended to wear goggles in order to protect your eyes. The sound of grinding is manageable and you will get used to it while working. However, you should never take the risk of working in bare eyes or they can sustain damage. Always work with the right equipment.
  • The meaning of the tile saw does not always mean that it is a long blade that comes with shard tools for cutting or designing tiles. It can also be a simple stand that is appropriate enough to cut through the tile. You should not be surveyed away by the name of the device and think in a more complex manner.
  • Tile saws are available in both manual and automatic variants, which you can choose from according to the needs and requirements you currently have. Manual devices offer better control and overall stability but they required a lot of energy if you intend to use them. On the other hand, automatic devices are much easier and hassle-free to use for any job. But, we will always recommend to go with a manual one because of better efficiency. Automatic tile saws are good for casual jobs which does not have any complexity.
  • Cleaning use another very important thing which a lot of people tend to neglect while using a tile saw. After using the machine, it is always necessary to clean it with water and remove all the dust particles from the surface. You must also grease the blade, so that it can perform well without any hiccups in the long turn. Send it for maintenance once a year for better long term efficiency.
  • Make sure to check the power of the tile saw that you are planning to buy. A device with more power is always recommended because they offer better performance and control over the power. Less powered devices are not good for professional and complex work purposes.
  • Tile saw is a one man job and only the individual handling the device can carry out the work. There might be another person who will help to supervise the handler and arrange the tiles properly or guide through the corners. This is not something that you do in a team.
  • Saw tiles are available in different variants and are of wide range of categories which allows you to choose the right device according to your choice. The price of the device will depend on the size and mode of the tile saw. Bigger sized and automatic tile saws are much more expensive than manual ones. You must check out different tile saw reviews in order to understand the differences.
  • Wet tile saws are the most expensive variants that are available in the market. They offer the highest precision and quality of work to you. Most of them come with diamond blade that is usually connected with a stream of water in order to keep it cool at all times. They are the best devices which allows you to continue your work for long hours.

So, here are some really interesting and important facts that you need to know about tile saws. You must take a quick look at them and make sure that you are purchasing the right device that will suit your work the best always.

Tips on Slashing Energy Costs in Your House

Technology is the most important tool when it comes to energy efficiency and the better the technological advancement the more the energy that will be conserved. We all must play a part in the conservation of energy because we all use it. Energy costs can only be reduced and not eliminated. This is because even if we use far less energy than before, we would still pay for it not just financially but also environmentally.

We can drastically reduce the energy costs in our homes by firstly switching off appliances that are not in use. For instance, if you are not using a particular room, switch the lights off. Some appliances such as televisions and media players have stand by modes which is a transitional stage between switching them off or on, while in the stand by mode that appliance uses less energy. This energy even if is less, can be completely done away with if that appliance is completely switched off. Power efficient bulbs are a valuable addition to homes. They use far less than the conventional types of bulbs. Some governments have zero rated taxes on power efficient bulbs which is an added incentive.

LCD and TFT computer monitors use far less power compared to CRT monitors and so should be considered as the best option. Computers also have an auto shutoff function that can be set form the control panel. This function switches off the computer monitor and sets the computer in hibernation when it has not been used for a specified amount of time that is set buy the user. This decreases the computer’s power consumption.

Now this is an easy way to save energy as computers are ones that consume the maximum energy in the house and you can install battery powered outdoor security camera so that atleast your home is safe from thieves and burglars.

When it comes to televisions, power consumption preference should be made to LCD screens followed by plasma then LCD screens, this will save power through the technology used to produce images. If there are multiple television sets in a house, and the same program is being watched in most of them, the viewers can converge and use the same television.

Solar power is the cleanest, cheapest and most reliable source of energy. The sun has always been available and will always be available. There are systems that transfer the solar energy that you tap in your house to the country’s national power grid and you are paid for it; this is a very good method for ensuring energy security. Solar power can be used in the remotest of areas. Heating water for bathing is the best way to exploit solar power. In addition to this, virtually all appliances can be run by solar energy. To add into the bargain, solar energy can be stored for future us like at night. Bathing of the family members should be done within short intervals of each other. This will prevent reheating water that was hot some time ago and save energy costs.

Cloths should be sun dried instead of using the dryer when possible. Dishes also can be drip-dried. When it comes to food, the household should eat at the same time to avoid reheating by the microwave. The microwave settings aught to be set to the optimum level for the item that is being cooked. The manual shows the best settings for some foods. Hot items must not be put in the refrigerator before they cool. This is because more energy will be used to cool it then freeze it instead of just freezing it. Lower power is better to use in refrigerators as long as the food freezes. Flasks are good preservatives of hot drinks and avoid power being used for reheating drinks.

Opening windows is more efficient than using electric air fresheners and purifiers. Warmer clothing can be worn to reduce the house heating costs and subsequently overall energy costs.

If you live in a farm, the animals in your compound are a potential cash cow. Bio-gas can conveniently be generated from their droppings. The initial cost of this investment may be slightly costly but the cost of gas will be little to nothing since the animals will continuously generate bodily waste. Septic tanks are another source of bio-gas which can be piped into the house. There is no smell as a result of this because all the gas is burned.

Neopets Trillion Page Views Celebration

Last night it was announced on Facebook and the Neopets News that The Neopets Team would be rolling out a few surprises. That’s right. Neopets has become so popular that it has hit a trillion page views! To show a little love for the players they are putting up fun auctions and trade lots of uber-rare items throughout the rest of the week!

Neopets: Trillion Auctions

The auctions are set up on a staff account and run randomly throughout the day and night. The staff account is called TrillionFTW and so far has been spitting out some amazing items in one minute and hour-long auctions! Highlights include the ‘Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG)’ which sold in a one-minute fun auction for the whopping price of 123k. Also spotted were two ‘Plushie Draik Morphing Potions’, many “Spring Flowers Foregrounds’, ‘Grey Draik Morphing Potion’, three ‘Meowclops’, and even a ‘Super Attack Pea’ which sold for around 71k! I also spotted several drank eggs including Desert, Zombie, and Pirate going for dirt cheap. Krawks were represented as well with ‘Camouflage Krawk Morphing Potion’ and ‘Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion’ both worth obscene amounts of Neopoints. You can check out some screenies of the Fortnite shop here. 

Neopets: Trillion Trade Lots

Because not everyone is a great auction sniper, The Neopets Team decided later to give poor and unskilled players a chance at great riches. They are randomly throughout today putting up trade lots on the same account. They ask that you bid no more than 5000 Neopoints but you can put add any item you wish. They will randomly select one offer that wins. This is a great opportunity to add a colorful item that is eye-catching in case it is manually done by a staff person instead of a computer program. This simple thing can make you stand out from all the omelets they are being offered. The items they have put up so far include ‘Wood Draik Morphing Potion’, “Faerie Draik Morphing Potion, ‘Meowclops’, and ‘Plushie Draik Morphing potion’.

Neopets: Trillion Celebration Punchbag Sid

A very rare occurrence is the release of Punchbag Sid in the Battledome. This event happens once every few years but it seems that the Neopets Team is finding ways to reward ALL players and not just auction snipers. If you don’t have the Punchbag Sid avatar today is the day. You simply challenge Punchbag Bob to a one player fight and his brother Sid will be there. Lose to Sid and you get his rare avatar. What a great way to celebrate one trillion page views!

Neopets: Trillion Celebration ideas

The boards are on fire with talk of other possible things that the Neopets Team could do for its various types of players. Random rare items attached to junk items in regular shops is my suggestion to reward the restockers a bit. Other players suggested that staff monitors find helpful people on the boards and send them a rare item for being a good citizen. That sure would make everyone want to be nice to others! It would also be nice if the staff opened a shop on that account and sold rare items randomly for cheap so shop wizard snipers can enjoy the fun.

The Neopets Trillion page view celebration will run through the rest of the week so keep looking for more things being auctioned off and being given away for cheap!

Good Names For a New Puppy

I’ve found myself at times where I would get a new puppy or dog, but could not for the life of me think of a name to give it. You know the name had to be just right and perfect. I could never bring myself to give one of my pets a name like George, Ben, Greg, or Max. You know a real person name. Instead I found it was best for your new puppy or dogs name to be cute, fun, and quirky.

Not long ago, maybe six or seven weeks, I had two new little puppies I had to find homes for. Almost instantly both puppies were promised to two different people. Sadly one person could not get the puppy due to personal obligations and work schedule. So I got the joy of keeping the new puppy.

So this brings me now to deciding on what to actually name the little one. I have always been a believer that the names that come to me first are usually my best choices. So now let me share the names of the other four members of the family which are; Taco, Tico, Gizmo, and Sunny. This will kind of help you understand my reasoning behind this.

So the name was picked and set it stone. In the end the new member of the family was named Fatty. Trust me to I said I think the first names that come to mind are the best ones, because she was the biggest out of the two puppies which were born. She just had a wider body at the start, and the first thing I thought of was Fatty because of this. Plus, not to mention while thinking I sat there and watched how long she nursed off the momma dog.

You will also come to understand why I do not give my pets names which resemble close to real people names. You will also realized why I had other pets in the past which had names like; Faith, Tinkerbell, Wiggles, and Sir-Poops-A-Lot.

At one point a close friend of mine had a dog named Joe, which was a breed of boxer I believe. Yeah the name was kind of a funny pun I guess. At one time he asked me if I would dog sit for him, which I told him I gladly would. By the third day one of my friends was stopping by, and well his name was Joe also. Well Joe was the short version of his real name, but you know how some people shorten their own name. Along with the good names, proper attention should be paid at the good health of the dogs. For the purpose, the purchase of the products should be done from the good pup life stores.

Well the dog named Joe, really was not the most well behaved dog, so you found yourself constantly saying his name to get his attention. In hopes of being able to actually stop what you thought the dog was about to do wrong. In other words I found myself trying to discipline the dog or grab it’s attention, but instead found myself with plenty of “Huh?” from Joe, and even “Not you, the dog” from me.

Which, this can happen to plenty of other short dog name versions like; Ben, Max, Jen, Jess, or even Steve. These are the names of pets I have known and also old and new friends. So in my opinion I think it is always best to keep a new pet name cute, fun, quirky, and most important of all unique!

Are You Getting Bored In The Lockdown? Try These Exciting Mobile Games!

Coronavirus, better known as COVID-19, has clutched the lives of people all over the world. Since there is no vaccine available to treat this virus, the only way to stay safe is social distancing. You must stay at your home and avoid stepping until or unless it is an extremely urgent issue. People have not faced anything like this ever before, and it is making it highly challenging for them to stay inside their house. Some of them are suffering from panic attacks and boredom. Despite being in lockdown, it is necessary to keep your mind active and stay engaged in interesting activities. One of the best ways to spend your time at home is by playing video games.

There are various exciting mobile games that you can during this lockdown and stay connected with your friends and stay away from boredom and negativity. If you are a Pokemon Go lover, then you can check pokemon accounts here to play during the lockdown, but there some other amazing mobile games too that you must play while being in quarantine. You can play various mobile games during your free time and get some entertainment and excitement instead of sitting idle and getting negative thoughts.

Some of the best mobile games to be played during the lockdown

PUBG Mobile

When it comes to mobile games, PUBG is undoubtedly one of the most popular and exciting games. It is available on all major operating systems and platforms and is entirely free to play. It is a multiplayer game in which you can connect with your Facebook friends, relatives, and colleague and team up with them. It is a game of survival in which total of 100 players land in a map and you need to kill others and survive till the end. You can team up with your friends and communicate with them using the voice chat feature. There are numerous modes available in this game, such as classic, Team deathmatch, Payload, etc. It is a bit heavy game, and if your device isn’t capable of running it, then you can also download the lite version and enjoy the lockdown staying in your house.

Call of Duty Mobile

You must be aware of Call of Duty and would have possibly played it too. The PC and console versions of this game got immense popularity, and gamers all over the world went crazy about it. Recently, the developers have launched the mobile version of this game and provide users an opportunity to get the same combat experience on the phone screens. It is a highly exciting game, and you can spend hours playing it in the lockdown. The user interface is quite appealing, and it offers a wide range of modes, which makes it even more interesting. You can team up with your friends in the game, kill the enemies using amazing guns and other weapons. The overall experience is quite thrilling, and it makes you feel like a soldier on a mission. It also has a voice chat feature that allows you to talk with your teammates while playing the game and coordinate the plans and moves.

Pokemon Go

You must be surprised seeing this game on the list if you know about it as Pokemon Go needs you to step out of the house to play it, and it is not possible during this lockdown. But with the recent update, the developers of this game have provided some new features to the users while allowing them to catch pokemon staying in their homes. In the latest update, they have increased the number of habitats, which has made it easier for the players to spot pokemon around them without getting out of their houses. Adding to it, there are also offering some incense packs to the users at great discounts so that they can easily boost the monster spawns and catch more Pokemons without breaking the lockdown.

Clash of Clans

It is another highly exciting mobile game which is completely free to play. You can easily download it one any Android or iOS device. It is a game totally based on strategy and will keep you quite engaged during this boring lockdown period. In the Clash of Clans, you can build your village and manage a clan. You also need to protect it as other players will try to attack your village and occupy it. There are various hero characters that you can choose, and with the new updates, the game has offered some great features to the users.

Ludo King

When it comes to destroying boredom, there is nothing better than playing Ludo. Ludo King is a virtual version of a traditional ludo game and has gained a lot of popularity. You can create a private room and add your friends to have a ludo match with them. You can also play against other players all over the world and kill time during this lockdown phase.

Horoscope for All Zodiacs

2010 horoscope marks quite a unique year for all zodiac signs this year. From business, career, love and relationships to travel and health…as aspects of life will be flowing smooth this year provided you are ready to put in hard work and perseverance. Like any other year, there will be hard times but they can be easily overcome with a bit of luck and loads of hard work. Now let’s have a look on short 2010 horoscope for all zodiac signs 2010 for a better understanding of year 2010.

2010 Horoscope for all Zodiacs:


This is going to be a great year for you in spiritual terms. You will realize the importance of your life while discovering the power of ‘karma’. You will also be strong enough to combat tough situations in your life. Mental peace could be affected this year with minor to major problems coming in your personal relationships, which can again be overcome if you think wise. Do not step into any kind of controversies to prevent worse results. Be faithful to your partner and concentrate on the important things in your life. Health would be quite steady and travel is not a good idea this year. Finance would come in steady if you put in the required hard work.


You guys are going to have a great time this year. Tighten your belts as this year takes you to a whirlpool ride of fun and pleasure. This is the year for you to socialize and enjoy the company of more and more friends. Work will also be enjoyable and your hard work will come into limelight. You may have to stretch yourself a bit to meet up to the expectations of your boss. However, the middle part of the year will get you better job opportunities. Relationships will move on fine and you will be enjoying support from all members in your life. Travel is on your cards during the later part of the year. Enjoy as the time introduces you to new experiences you have always waited for!


A much deserved year for Gemini people. You will enjoy all the good things this year. Whether it is your job or your financial matters, luck will support you like never before. There will be prosperity in all phases of life. Relationships will go on smoothly and you will travel a lot for pleasure. A great year for financial investments, money will come in quick. Enjoy the year as friends, family and relationships bring great moments for you. This is also a great year to get married for people who are enjoying a steady relationship.


This is a year for you to travel and enjoy financial gains. Spiritual enlightenment will make you do things you never expected to do. There may be success in your work front if you put in hard work to deserve them. The elderly people in the family will have to be taken care of. You may get into some problems with your partner but have to handle it wisely to avoid separation.


this is a year for you to enjoy all the worldly pleasures. There will be lot of money and all the pleasures money can buy. As the year progresses, there will be strange encounters and interesting relationships coming your way, making your year more enjoyable. Try to be humble and polite this year. New job opportunities may come your way but be alert while signing contracts and getting into any kind of deals.


A great time to expand your business and enjoy financial stability. There may be the special person waiting for you this year with whom you may tie the knot. Success will come in quick in respect to hard work. Be careful of all friends as someone might try to deceive you. There may also be a loss of someone close to you. Be wise and intelligent in your judgments to avoid any kind of complications.


This year the best thing about you will be in the limelight. Let it be your creativity or hard work. The most important thing that will bring you all the good luck this year will be work. Make sure you work as much hard as you can to enjoy all the finer things of life it gets you. Finance will be great for the amounts of hard work you put it. Relationships will also go steady for you this year.


A year to enjoy and have all the fun life can get you. Job will be steady and bring you good financial rewards. You will also travel a lot for entertainment this year. Be careful of thefts and burglary this year. A great year to get married and enjoy romance. A long pending issue might resolve this year.


This is a year for you to work hard. The better effort you put in, greater results it will bring for you. This is the year you settle down. Let it be in your personal relationship or work front. Family has to be the priority this year and take care of all the elderly members of the family. Be wise and intelligent in taking decisions. Be flexible to accept others.


The better you think this year the better results it will bring. From your job to family relationships, you need to be calculative abs patient to get deserved results. Also make sure you understand you partner completely to enjoy a great romantic life. Finance will come in quick this year. A lot will be expected on your part in 2010 and you will have to put in efforts to meet up to those expectations.


Money will talk for you this year. There will be unexpected increase in your bank account as you will enjoy all the comforts of life. You may also inherit property this year. Shifting house or moving abroad to settle down can be a great idea this year. Money will rule your sign this year as you will be able to meet expectations and dreams of all near and dear ones with the money you have. Through the money, there cannot be الابراج in the life of the person. some efforts should be done to know the horoscope and astrology of the person. 


2010 will bring out the leader in you. Let it be in your work front or your family, you will lead teams and take decisions. You will be the pioneer of all activities. This is a great year for you to take initiatives to make this happen. Marriage is on your cards this year. You may start caring and be sensitive about things, you never gave much importance.

Bridging Product Management And Development

As both a programmer and a writer, I have seen firsthand how differently logical and creative thinkers interact with the world. All of us use both creative and logical skills every day. Logically we know that there are certain steps that we must take in our daily life such as brushing our teeth and earning a living. We also know how to be creative whether we express it by singing a song or thinking of a name for a new pet. However, many of us that tend to prefer one style of thinking over the other fool ourselves into believing that we lack the ability to understand things that involve our non-dominant style. When it comes to certain types of logic such as mathematics or computer programming, a great number of the creative people shy away from trying to understand what goes on under the hood. Likewise, logical thinkers strive to comprehend the world through numbers and precisely defined steps exclusively and dismiss those things that they can not clearly define through logical means. In the software world, this is very unfortunate because the best programs are those that have a rich creative user interface for us humans, as well as a streamlined, precise, efficient logic structure for the computer.

If you take a peek inside a software company, you will often find that there are two distinct teams responsible for creating the software. On one hand you will find the product managers which are our creative thinkers. These are the folks responsible for designing the software so that it is meets the clients needs, is easy to use, and easy on the eyes. On the other hand you will find your software engineers, or computer programmers. This is your (typically nerdy) bunch that are responsible for taking the vision of the product managers and turning it in to a reality. These two groups view things very differently. If you want high satisfaction with your software, it is crucial that these two teams have a healthy respect for one another and know how to take a stroll in the other-half’s shoes.

So you may ask the question: How do we bridge the gap between these two very different worlds? For developers the best way to understand the product management side of the project is to be involved from the very beginning. By taking part in the discussions where the intended users’ requirements are defined and planned functionality is scoped out, the programmer will have a clear understanding of what this mess is really supposed to do? This is extremely useful because it allows your developers to understand the “why” of things. This gives them the added ability of catching simple specification errors that can cause complex problems if not caught until later.

For example, a product manager might accidentally document that the client wants 2 + 2 to equal 5. If the developer was not part of the conversation where the client said that they really want 2 + 2 to equal 4, they might think that the request is rather odd but still code the program as specified. However, if the developer was in the design meetings, he or she is likely to realize that the document simply has a small typo. You may think that the developer would at least ask for clarification on this issue regardless of whether or not they were in the design meetings, but you might be surprised. Remember that us nerdy types are often shy and will often go to great lengths to avoid actually interacting with another human. (I am kind of kidding here… but just “kind of.”).

That seems easy enough. But what do we do for our product managers to help them navigate across this bridge as well? From my experience, most PMs have no interest in learning how to code, so it seems silly for them to learn the ins and outs of programming. What they need is a high-level understanding of what a program really is and the key concepts a developer must consider when creating a program.

For example, as a driver, the PM doesn’t need to understand all of the specific parts of the engine nor how they fit together. They know that they need to be able to get into the car, turn the car on, drive to their destination, turn the car off, and get out of the car. Too many times this is as far as product management goes with the design. In order to really understand what they are designing, they need to at least be aware of some of the finer details. They may not need to understand how the engine uses the gasoline to get the car from point A to point B, but they better be aware of the fact that the car needs the gasoline. Otherwise, they may find themselves stranded a few miles down the road. They will be frustrated that the car did not do what it was supposed to do (get them to point B), and the developers are going to be annoyed that the product managers failed to make sure the car had fuel.

This is an example of how the two teams, if allowed to stay in their opposite corners of the ring, may end up extremely aggravated with one another and/or start playing the blame game. With a little communication and enlightenment, this situation can be avoided. The groups need to understand that they are the yen and the yang of the final product. Developers need to understand that without their PM counterparts it would be them on the phone with the clients. Likewise, product managers need to remember that without developers to give concrete form to their designs, they would simply be very stressed out visionaries without any way to bring their dreams to fruition.

One final note. If you happen to be in a company that is fortunate enough to have a quality assurance department, both teams can learn a great deal by spending time with these folks. Due to the very nature of their jobs, QA is required to understand how both sides of the coin operate. And, perhaps most importantly, how to effectively communicate with both product management and development. The ratings of the model for the development of the business can be checked at site. The benefits should be made available both to the business person and to the clients. 

Painting the Perfect Suicide

People involved in arts are notorious for being depressed, starved of life, and in turn, becoming suicidal. And I’m starting to see, or at least forming a conjecture as to why this is.

Their job is to capture the essence of a person, a scene. But to capture anything in all of its facets is a complicated thing to do. A person, they have a past, they have motives, they are affected by their environment. A scene, it too has a past; A scene was not always a scene. The largest tree in the world was once a twig. And from its beginning, it has been cut, trimmed, watered, pollinated, and fertilized. So when an artist paints the tree in its present form, he or she must think about its past. Such an admired tree now, he or she can’t just paint in brown and green. They must use different hues: a shade of gray in its limb from an encounter with an axe, a glimpse of yellow in its bush from the lack of sun exposure it had because of the building close by, a hole of black in the trunk, where the bark becomes an animals shelter. Many person are suffering with the suicidal thoughts, all of them can be overcome through the painting information available at The paintings can be related to real life incident of the person. 

And it is just this attention to detail that makes an artist more susceptible to that plague of suicides. They don’t see in black and white, like the other 3/4 of the world. They strive to show what is, in its actually being. And everything, in its actual being, has an endless story. To show this story, they must think, they must anticipate, they must contemplate, they must over analyze. Like an artist shows what is with paints of endless color, a writer show the same with words of endless description.

But with both jobs, the over complacent mindset they require is not something an artist of whatever kind can leave behind when off the clock. They think. They think about every detail in their normal lives. They pick apart every action of a person, every detail in a setting, and try to make sense of it so they can decipher what really is, in their minds instead of on paper or canvas.

A good gesture is torn apart. They question the motive of the gesture, how the environment instrumented the gesture, how the past of the person who formed the gesture was involved. They scrutinize a gesture in real life to create an accurate illustration in their minds, as they would construct a painting or poem.

This process, they follow for everything they see, everything they observe. And soon, a manner meant to show truth is replaced with a persona of cynicism and paranoia. In a struggle for an artist to show what is, in all it’s complexity, they begin to create a false reality because of reasonable doubt. To them, everything once beautiful in life has an underlying shade of ugliness to them. Every person has in them a layer of evil. Every scene has shadow of darkness.

And with this mindset, an artist begins to doubt the world, wondering if it is worth living in, if in it exist such depravity. Finally, the artist takes his or her last bat; They over analyze themselves. The time spent between an artist and them self is the greatest length of time he or she has spent with any object in the world. Their analysis of themself is more in depth than any tree they have ever painted or any person they have ever sketched. And, for this reason, they are able to find flaws. They doubt themselves. Reconsider the motives of their actions.

Finally they think, I am just another wicked thing, in an even eviler world. I am nothing. And with that, their life is invaluable.