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Weight Loss Pills Dangers- What is the dangers?

diet pills?

Hello everyone. Well, as you can see, my question is about weight loss pills. Well, I’m worried about the dangers taking the pills. I am 15 years old. 5’5 “200 lbs. I was never very worried about my weight, but now I’m trying desperately to lose weight. Recently in class, I got into it w / a girl and two boys, because they made fun of me. What she said hurt. If you are wondering these were his harsh words. “You world’s ugliest I’ve seen fatter. God does not like because you have been spending too much time eating cheeseburgers. “I tried not to mourn but as I could not hold more. I broke two hours later and refused to eat since then. Well, I’ve thought about taking diet pills to the kind of help. but I wondering if I should be nothing. Well, thanks in question!

The cryoliposis on stomach is reducing the danger on the health of the people. The consumption of the right diet is offering many benefits to the people. The gathering of the essential information is enhancing the experience and providing many advantages.

Well, that girl was just a sarcastic ass that is, along with their friends. If someone is really sure of himself does not feel the need to take shots at another person. And at your age, is rampant bitchiness. Ignore him. It is necessary to tighten up because now they found a weakness that can begin to choose for you must really, really do not know it until they move someone / something else. In terms of diet is not always the magic bullet to eat less, exercise more. If it were, the weight will not be an issue in our society. I would recommend starting with a healthy, skip the junk food charging meals, back to basics, check out Weight Watchers a handle on what portion size really is, check out Web MD and the line Calorie King, and books of calories for accurate calorie counts for almost everything, including a wide variety of food chain restaurants. I can buy one more each year for about $ 6. It is incredible that a Krispy Kreme donut filled with cream has 305 calories.

You need to start a slow walking exercise and low impact weight lifting. You may find that only a few changes make a big difference in pounds and every pound lost as you feel better, leading to more exercise. If you have trouble doing this or can not participate in the menu of your home, consult with your family doctor or clinic or loss bariatric weight with doctors who can do blood tests to make sure you do not have an endocrine or hormonal problem or problems in blood sugar that can cause difficulty with the weight. problems in blood sugar can really screw with your insulin levels which causes the peaks of hunger, as well as certain medications. You can also review its psychological framework to see whether depression may be at the root of some difficulties. They also have the ability to prescribe prescription diet aids under his command. I do not mess around with the meter of things as it is not tested and “tried and true” as the statute of limitations. Stress will not help healthy eating and blowing critics.

Please be careful with a lot of posters, as there are many who answer all the questions the same diet with something on the line to push a website to try and sell a product they are pushing. Go to legitimate Web sites, and remember, if it sounds too good to true is because even diet pills to promote healthy eating, drinking lots of water, multivitamin tablets and exercise. There is no magic solution unless that is a bona fide medical problem. Therefore, begin again as the focus of the party, make their own food, apples, flavored carbonated water not healthy portion Home, dinner, lean meats, vegetables, salad, sugar free cake for snacks / desserts / 1 / 2 cup of pasta or a small roll. Breakfast, some stuffing, such as instant oatmeal with skim milk and a banana.

Say No to Otc Weight Loss Pills

Before you shop for the overly advertised over-the-counter weight loss pill in an effort to meet your weight loss goal, please think twice. Your diet pill may be unsafe, ineffective or downright dangerous. The health warning was published in the November issue of Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource wherein a special report discusses the popular weight-loss diets, eating plans and strategies, including diet pills.

The report expressed concern that with obesity of the rise many local drugstores sell diet pills and even more choices are available on the internet. A lot many people are tempted to buy these drugs but they don’t even know that the safety and effectiveness of these drugs have not been proved.

For instance, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has banned ephedra but it can be purchased online. The report says that pills containing ephedra are touted to decrease appetite but they can cause dangerous side effects, including heart attacks, seizures, strokes and sudden death. Similarly, herbal supplements that contain the plant-derived chemical ephedrine also are available online and can cause similar health problems.

The report cautions about several other weight-loss pills which contain a cocktail of ingredients, including herbs, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, caffeine or laxatives. Quite often, it is not known how these ingredients, individually or in combination, could affect individuals. The risk of adverse reactions increases when diet pills are taken with other medications.

The report also discusses the weight-loss drug Alli, which is a reduced-strength version of the prescription drug orlistat (Xenical) and has been approved by the FDA. Alli is taken with meals and promotes weight loss by decreasing absorption of fat by the intestines. It is intended for use as part of a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet. When individuals don’t reduce fat in the diet, diarrhea and gas with oily spotting can be significant side effects.

What Is The Lords Mobile Game And Why Should You Play It?

Have you ever thought of playing a video game in your free time? You are not the only one. There are thousands of games out there in the gaming world. While some games remain classic, new and latest games come out in the market every day. Many reputable and trusted video game developers and publishers use technology in the best possible ways to create some of the best video games for gamers.

The video game industry has become one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the entertainment and media industry. Like other entertainment forms, video games are not just popular with the boys, but they are equally popular with the girls. There are different genres of video games that will suit the need and preferences of all the gamers. Video gaming companies know that, and they use the best graphic designers to develop these games. In return, these creators earn millions and billions of money as their revenues.

Play Lords Mobile online

There are many popular and unpopular games online that can be played in your free time. The lords mobile is not only an interesting game to play, but it is also an acclaimed one. Critics love this game, and so do the gamers. This video game is created and published by company caller IGG. This game is available for mobile versions such as android and iOS. Whether you are an android user or an iOS user, you will be able to download this game and play this whenever you want. The game is also free, so you don’t have to spend any money on it.

The app for lord mobile is one of the most downloaded apps on the play store. The game has over two hundred million players across the world. People live this game as it is extremely challenging, thrilling, and keeps them on their toes.


The lords mobile is a role-playing game that also includes real-life strategies and mechanics for world-building. These games include various player modes, so there is a huge variety, and one will never get bored by playing the same things repeatedly. The most popular mode of this game is one that includes the PVP-battles.

In lords mobile, the players will have to develop their base in the field. They will have to build an army of soldiers to destroy and attack the enemy and win eventually by capturing their bases and the enemy leaders and forces. Generally, the gamers will only attack the monsters, and the other world bosses called Darkness. They will periodically appear on the kingdom map so that they can claim the resources and build their own camps. The players can also participate in various contests and learn the whereabouts of the enemies so that it could help in capturing them. The players can also get a chance to improve their gameplay and their ranking by doing so and taking various types of gaming missions.


In this game of role-playing and real-life strategies, there are a total of 45 characters that are called Heroes. These characters are divided into three major categories. They are called intelligent, strong, and agile. All Heroes have different and unique skills, characteristics, attributes, powers, designs, and backgrounds. The gamers have to make their characters strong and improve their qualities so that they can perform better in the game. They will have to formulate different strategies to make sure that their characters are improving and becoming better to compete against different players.

There will be additional Heroes available through the in-game purchases. You will have to make these purchases and buy the bundles to make your characters better in lords mobile. This is completely optional, and you don’t have to spend your money on it. You can even get skills and weapons through points and rewards that you earn as you move further in the game. There are many bundles available to you. They will all be accessible once you download the app on your mobile and start playing the game.

If you want to learn the gameplay, you can watch tutorials by many professionals players who are experienced and skilled at playing lords mobile. These players are pro and have their own channels and social media platforms where they share their strategies step by step for beginner players. The PvE mode of the game allows the players to control the heroes and launch their skills. The developers keep updating the game and come up with new graphics. You can get this by updating the app on your mobile now and then. To play this game, you will have to be connected to the internet. The app can be updated from the play store whenever there is a new update.

Chinchillas and Dust Baths – Use Volcanic Ash to Clean Your Pet

Chinchillas never get regular baths. They cannot get baths because the weight of the water on their fur will result in death. The weight of their fur will crush their organs and they will die. It’s an easy mistake to make so I hope a lot of people read this article and never give their chinchillas a regular bath. Instead of getting a regular bath, chinchillas get what is known as a dust bath. This involves volcanic ash which may surprise you. I know that you’re probably thinking, “Oh, wonderful, now I have to drive around and find volcanic ash?”

You can find volcanic ash at any pet store such as Petsmart and Petco. When you purchase a chinchilla they usually do not tell you anything about dust baths. Chinchillas are supposed to get a dust bath several times per week. Usually, if you go a few months without giving a chinchilla a dust bath, they will never take a dust bath again. You cannot simply throw the dust on the chinchilla. You have to buy a specific house that looks like a small doghouse, and you have to pour about two inches of volcanic dust into the bathhouse. The chinchilla will then jump into the house and roll around in the volcanic ash.

You will be amazed by the color your chinchilla will be after he or she takes a bath. Your chinchilla will be about fifty percent lighter. I wouldn’t suggest putting the bathhouse inside of the cage because it will become very dusty. I would put the chinchilla in your shower, making sure that the shower is completely dry. Also, make sure there is nothing in the bathtub that could cause harm to the chinchilla. Also, make sure that there isn’t anything full of water that could tip over and get onto your chinchilla. It is really important that you know the difference between big vs small chinchilla cages so that you can choose one according to their pro and cons. 

Hopefully, pet stores will start to tell people that chinchillas can never get wet and they need dust baths. The reason that people do not tell you this is because they simply do not care or they forget. You will probably spend about twenty dollars to purchase a bathhouse and volcanic dust for your chinchilla. It’s really the highlight of their entire day. It’s sort of like putting your small child in the bathtub and giving your child a bath. They absolutely love it! You will also want to make sure that your children, dogs or cats cannot get at the chinchilla while he or she is taking a bath. You can leave the chinchilla in the closed tub for about five minutes but no more than that.

How to File for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is an option a person has to discharge the debt that they cannot pay off anymore. Bankruptcy should always be the last option after trying several different things to pay off your debt. The reason why it should be the last thing you do is because it will hit your credit report very hard. It will be a public record that will stay there for ten years. You really need to be sure that bankruptcy is the last thing available for to get rid of the debt that you owe.

The first thing you need to do when you decide to file for bankruptcy is to seek some outside help. Meet with a credit counselor to analyze your options and financial options responsibly. Your counselor might be able to offer you some options that you have yet to think about. Many creditors will work with you and offer you a reasonable payment plan for your debt if need be. Some examples of credit counseling agencies you could contact are The National Foundation of Credit Counseling, The Consumer Credit Counseling Service, or The Consolidated Credit Counseling Service. All three of these debt management companies will give you the best options to resolve your outstanding debt.

When the bankruptcy is the last and only option to get rid of that debt, it is very important to get good legal advice. Bankruptcy is actually filed through the court so having the right lawyers on your side is a very important aspect when filing for bankruptcy. You can do a simple search through the internet to help you find the right bankruptcy legal firms to help you. They will help you present your papers correctly so your case wont be dismissed if something is filled out wrong. It is also very important for you to know about the bankruptcy process when doing this. Since October of 2005, the bankruptcy law changed and now not everybody can file for the same type of bankruptcy.

There are two types of personal bankruptcy. There is a Chapter 11 bankruptcy as well as a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The Chapter 7 bankruptcy includes the debt and you can get rid of 100% of the amount that you owe to your creditors. This means you will not be legally responsible to pay this debt once it is discharged by the court. If you don’t qualify for Chapter 7, you may be qualified for Chapter 13. Chapter 13 works out a repayment plan through the courts. This could last between three and five years. When you pay off the payment plan through the court, they will then discharge the remainder of your debt. For somebody in these situations, it is very important to know what bankruptcies will be available for you if the situation is need be. Lastly, it is important to hire bankruptcy lawyers san diego to help you out with filing bankruptcy and in dealing with all of these legal systems. It will be easier for you if you have a professional who will help you and support you all throughout the process.

A Guide to Employment as a Transcriber

Transcribers generally work in a variety of fields and under varied circumstances. Typically, businesses and professionals requiring transcription services include various executives and professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, and personnel from the insurance, technology and other industries.

While some transcribers are employed in a traditional office, others work on a contract basis from home. Virtual assistants usually include transcription in their portfolio of services.

General transcription can include data from correspondence, reports, focus groups, telephone and conference calls, seminars, speeches and corporate business meetings. The median salary for a general transcriber in a major metropolitan city begins at approximately $32,000 and can reach as much as $66,000 per year.

Medical transcription entails transcribing doctor’s and clinic notes, emergency room, X-ray, pathology, lab and operative reports and evaluations. Nationally, medical transcribers earn on average around $32,000 per year. For an employment as transcriber, proper research should be done at the search engines. The transcribe anywhere review can be checked for the selection of the right platform. There should be enhancement in the skills of the person while employed at the site. The focus should be on delivering the right education to the children. 

Legal transcription involves court hearings, depositions, investigations, interrogations, business meetings, letters, legal instruments and court documents. According to, average legal court transcriber salaries nationwide are as much as $79,000.


Transcribers usually begin their careers as office workers and gain experience typing documents. Typing speed required generally begins at 60 words per minute (wpm); however, 80 wpm or higher is usually desired.

According to, national salaries for general transcribers range from $38,000 up to $61,000. Legal secretaries can start at around $28,000 to $43,000 yearly. Medical secretaries earn from $26,000 to $40,000 annually.

Many transcriptionists have taken formal word processing, computer or other typing courses and type at least 60 wpm. The most important quality for any transcriptionist is to have above-average listening skills with the ability to listen and type accurately. According to, national word processor salaries range from $33,00 to $37,000.

Training and Experience

Specific training for transcribers is often available at local community or technology colleges. Some companies are willing to provide on the job training for transcribers with basic typing skills. quotes the national median salary for a general transcriber at approximately $44,000 per year.

Legal transcribers are required to be accurate, with above average spelling and grammar skills, in addition to being familiar with legal terminology and document formatting. reports that national legal trainee salaries range between $28,811 and $43,472 per year.

Medical transcription is highly specialized and requires a certain amount of advanced training. Medical transcribers often begin their careers working in a doctor’s office, hospital, clinic or other medical facility. National medical trainee salaries range from $29,991 to $44,430 annually.

Certification is usually required for legal court reporters and the level of required training varies by State and according to specialization. New court reporters generally start at around $26,604 and can easily advance quickly to over $79,000 per year.

Salaries by Geographic Location

According to

In the Southern United States, transcriptionists earn from $28,221 to $41,808 per year. The Midwest states pay in the annual range of $32,637 and $48,350. The Northern states average a pay scale between $32,594 and $48,286 per year. Major cities in coastal states such as California, offer from $33,446 to $49,549 annually. The highest starting salary range for a transcriber is in New York, from $35,328 to $52,337 annually.

General Compensation

According to, the median salary for a trained, professional transcriber begins from $25,000 to $40,000 annually. There is potential for overtime pay, since compensation is dependent upon how many hours are worked and how skilled the transcriber is.

Most of the full time jobs offer benefits such as vacation, holidays and other paid time off. Working from home saves on travel, clothing and meal costs, with the added benefit of home business tax write-offs.

The highest paid niche market for legal transcription is court reporting, where verbatim transcripts of various legal proceedings, meetings and other events are produced. reports the salary range for legal work from $24,604 to over $79,000 annually.

Potential and Outlook

As companies merge, grow and consolidate their services, the demand for transcribers has become more prevalent.

The job prospects for court reporters are expected to be excellent, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition.

According to Health Guide USA, employment opportunities for medical transcriptionists is projected to grow faster than the average at 14 percent from 2006 to 2016.

Even with the advent of voice activated recognition software applications, there is still a need for professional transcribing services due to accuracy issues with even the highest capacity voice recognition software.

Transcribers can find work by signing up with local employment agencies, applying for listed jobs, or by inquiring at companies that regularly hire transcribers.

Quit Smoking: Cutting Back on Cigarettes and Managing Withdrawal

As with any addiction, quitting smoking is an exceedingly difficult process. Most smokers who have quit — including myself — had multiple failed attempts before finally kicking the habit. Strategies for how to quit smoking are legion, but above all, giving up cigarettes requires commitment and perseverance. And though I maintain that going cold turkey is the best way to quit, I don’t scoff at those who try to manage their habit and gradually reduce smoking.

The first thing you need to do to quit smoking, in true 12-step program fashion, is admit you are addicted to cigarettes. This means more than simply saying, “I am an addict.” It means understanding the role that tobacco plays in your life and facing up to the lies smokers tell themselves. Do you think that you can quit whenever you want? Or that you don’t really smoke enough to affect you health? Once you own up to these deceptions, you can recognize your problem and commit yourself to doing something about it.

Next, you need a plan. You must turn your vague desire to quit into concrete steps. There are dozens of ways to approach quitting, but every strategy that works has two main components: 1) reducing or eliminating cigarettes, and 2) managing withdrawal symptoms.

Reducing/Eliminating Cigarettes

The best way to reduce or eliminate cigarettes is, of course, to stop buying and smoking them. But most people who want to quit smoking don’t feel ready for that. Instead, they try to manage their habit by adopting daily cigarette limits, or scheduling smokes throughout the day or restricting themselves to lighting up only in situations where they feel they most need to, such as during the daily commute or in social situations. Some smokers will not buy packs of cigarettes, but will pay others fifty cents or a dollar for individual cigarettes, controlling smoking by making it more expensive.

These strategies, though they don’t provide long-term solutions, can provide useful lessons. Most smokers will not realize how much they rely on cigarettes until they skip a few. Any reduction, no matter how short-lived, is useful to help smokers confront their addiction and increase their commitment and persistence. So while going cold turkey will eventually be required, a cigarette-reduction strategy can be a useful first step.


Nicotine is a stimulant, and after years of having it present daily in your body, you will without doubt experience withdrawal symptoms, such as fatigue and irritability. Although many smokers find that substitutes such as the nicotine patch or gum can alleviate physiological withdrawal symptoms, they also discover that getting a nicotine fix isn’t enough — they need to replace cigarettes not just with a different form of nicotine delivery, but also with a new, less destructive activity. For instance, if you find yourself not knowing what to do with your hands when not holding a cigarette, some kind of manual hobby — knitting, whittling, video games, etc. — might be your key to quitting. As silly as it sounds, some smokers (myself included) have even found lollipops to be a workable substitute for the physical act of smoking a cigarette. Exercise is also important for strengthening heart and lungs weakened by tar and for alleviating fatigue.

You also need to be aware of the effects quitting can have on your relationships. Even though anybody who really cares about you will try to be patient and supportive, the irritability and even depression nicotine withdrawal causes can put a strain on professional and personal relationships. Furthermore, smokers tend to be friends with other smokers. If you are quitting and your smoker friends aren’t, you might find it all the more difficult. If quitting is causing problems with important relationships or with your job performance, then you ought to consider joining a support group where you can share coping strategies with others in your same situation. Lost vape and cigarette is something that you want to achieve. For you to become successful on it, you need to have a support system from your family and friends. Surely, if you feel supported, you will be more motivated to quit.

Whatever you do, it comes down, as I said before, to commitment and perseverance. Success does not come right away, but persistence pays off. Those who learn from their mistakes and pick themselves up after every failure are the ones who will succeed in kicking the habit for good. By constantly keeping in mind the two tasks of cutting your cigarettes and managing your withdrawal symptoms, while learning from the mistakes you will certainy make along the way, you will find yourself on the path to a smoke-free life. It’s not going to be easy, but the payoff — increased health, life-expectancy, and money in your pocket — are well worth it. Good luck!

How To Get Rid Of A Urine Stain On A Mattress

Discovering a mattress stained with urine is a nightmare, and mattresses are too expensive to simply throw away and replace. Besides the issue of expense, in our throwaway society, many choose to throw things away rather than try to save them, but I try to clean and conserve whenever and wherever possible.

Whether the urine staining a mattress is from an animal, a child, or an adult person, it can be difficult to know where to start when cleaning, and it can seem like an overwhelming task, to say the least. I have a friend who once worked in a hotel, and she had to occasionally clean mattresses stained with urine. My friend provided the following tips for cleaning urine stains on a mattress. When my children were young I personally tried my friend’s suggestions, and they effectively get rid of urine on a mattress as well as the offensive smell that accompanies the stain.

Precautionary Statement

Since there are many different types of mattresses, follow product label instructions regarding cleaning for best results. Use common sense, and consult the manufacturer if unsure of any of the following tips to get rid of urine on a mattress. This is where you can read Real reviews at mattressify about how efficient and durable mattresses are, be it air mattresses or side sleeper mattress.

Where to Begin

Immediately upon discovering a wet urine stain, soak it up with absorbent paper towels. Apply pressure, and change toweling often until all of it is absorbed. It may take an entire roll of paper toweling, but it’s important to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Once the urine has been completely absorbed, go over the stain with clear water to dilute any urine remaining in the fabric. Rinse out the rag under running water as often as necessary.

What if the Urine Has Dried?

It’s impossible to absorb dry urine, so you’ll have to wet the area with clear water and absorb it using the instructions mentioned above. After following the aforementioned directions, continue with the instructions below. If the stain hasn’t set in it should come out fairly easily, and when properly cleaned, the mattress will smell clean and fresh once again.

Soaking up the Stain and Odor

After the stain has been treated with clear water, don’t blot up it up. Instead, sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the wet area, and allow it to dry completely. It may take a few days for the baking soda to dry, but once it does it can be vacuumed away along with the discoloration and odor.

If you don’t have baking soda, salt is a fantastic substitute. It will also absorb the stain and odor, and it can be vacuumed away in the same manner as the baking soda. Salt or baking soda is far less expensive and more effective at cleaning up urine stains than any commercial product I’ve found in stores.

Five Best Hanukkah Gifts For Men

Hanukkah is a wonderful eight day Jewish celebration that begins in December. Gifts are typically given during the duration of the celebration and if you have a man that you want to get a gift for, you should start planning on buying your gifts now instead of waiting until the last minute. It can be difficult to decide what to get a man for Hanukkah. You could go with something traditional that is Hanukkah/Jewish related or you could get him something that you think he’d like. This article will give you five suggestions on what would be an ideal gift for men this Hanukkah.

Oy Vey Wristwatch sells a wristwatch that would be perfect for the man in your life. The wrist watch has a black band, stainless steel frame and white face front with the words “Oy Vey!” The numbers are in a jumble at the bottom of the watch. The watch is water resistant and comes in a gift tin. You can buy it from Amazon for $28.50.

Stainless Steel Electric Menorah

If you want to give a gift to a male friend or relative that may live on his own and doesn’t like to mess with stuff around his home, you can get him a stainless steal electric Menorah that will allow him to celebrate the holidays with the traditional menorah but won’t make the mess that candles make. sells an electric Menorah for $99.99. It is eleven inches high and will fit perfectly on a table or on the top of an entertainment center.

Chocolate Hanukkah Coin Box

Give a sweet treat during Hanukkah this year by purchasing the chocolate Hanukkah coin box from Lake Champlain They sell a decorative gift box in blue and brown that has a picture of a lighted menorah on the side. Inside the box is several foil wrapped coins to savor and enjoy. The chocolate is all natural and gluten free. One box sells for $8 dollars.

Personalized Happy Hanukkah Wine Art-Menorah

If the man in your life enjoys a cup of wine now and then, buy him a personalized bottle of wine. The wine is a California red variety but the bottle can be personalized, which makes it extra special. A menorah will be hand painted onto the bottle along with Happy Hanukah and a short message or name of your choice. If the person you’re gifting doesn’t drink, you can buy a non alcoholic version. You can buy it from Personalization Mall for $74.95.

Happy Hanukkah Soap and Shower Gel

Not Soap Radio sells bottles of Happy Hanukkah Soap and Shower gel that would be an ideal gift for anyone, including the male you want to buy a present for. The shower gel smells like a cinnamon doughnut. The gel comes in a plastic bottle with an attractive blue label that says “Happy Hanukkah” and other text talking about Hanukkah. You can buy the soap and shower gel for $14 dollars.

But if you want to go different in giving gift, you can visit this website This page will offer you a lot of best wallet gifts for your man. Certainly, he will love this modern design and stylish items.

What You Need to Know to Buy an XBOX 360

If you are lucky enough to be looking at a new gaming system as a gift for the upcoming holidays or for yourself as a special treat I think you’ll be very happy with the graphics quality of the Microsoft Xbox 360. There are a good range of titles for games, from top-quality racing games to role-playing games such as Oblivion. If you are considering purchasing an Xbox 360 for the upcoming holidays, be aware that there are three different versions.

The Arcade version priced at $200 is the most basic version, which used to be known as the Core. The next step up is the Premium or Pro which, priced at around $300, includes a detachable 20 GB hard disk drive. The middle version Xbox is a good value because it shares a great deal of the component pieces of the next step up console, the Elite. The main thing that you need to know to avoid any problems with your Xbox can be found on the outside on the packaging. You are looking for power supply running at 175w. Most of the Xboxes in the store now are the Falcon 65nm chipset. The Elite is priced at $400 and it is the model that I possess and have been using for the past two years without complaint. It’s provided me with many hours of fun and it will for you, too.

$400 is quite a moderate price given the clout that Xbox 360 has on its fans that keeps increasing with each passing day and there is nothing like a nice game of Pokemon to start it out that just requires a Pokemon go account.

A big issue with the Xbox 360 line has been what is now known as the red ring of death. This is the result of a component overheating causing the entire unit to fail. This usually happens because of an overheating problem with the wattage being too much for the chipset. The Xbox 360 Elite is made up of higher quality parts than the other models and so is far less likely to short out. It wasn’t a tremendous risk in the first place, but did effect enough people to cause more than the usual blip on the gaming radar. One would think that at this price point you could be guaranteed quality but often times it is difficult to know how things will hold up until they are out in the field. Given the current state of the economy I would be very surprised if Microsoft did not come up with some kind of a price cut for the upcoming holiday season. Often you can find good deals on slightly used systems on places such as eBay and these often come bundled with many games. Just be aware that if you did not purchase your system from a retailer that you are taking a risk which may or may not be worth the savings given that this game system has had some technical problems in the past, and much like a used car you may be inheriting someone else’s difficulties.

Cabinet Secrets: How to Cut a Dado

A channel cut into the wood to attach another piece at a right angle is called a dado. A dado cut also cuts across the grain of the wood otherwise it is called a groove. Because these joints completely enclose the end of a board they prevent warping and twisting. These cuts are invaluable when making cabinets or shelves because they allow the wood to be attached with glue and no nails or screws are visible. The dado cut also conceals the end of the board and hides the interior of a board that is covered with veneer. Considering all this, before you Buy drawer slides for cabinets & kitchens make sure that you look for these Dado cuts. 

There are three types of dado cuts. The first of these is the more difficult to make but it is the strongest and more professional looking of the dado cuts. The other two are a through dado and a stopped dado. The through dado makes a square cut all the way through the board. The stooped dado falls short of the end piece and disguises the dado itself.

Right-angled dados can be easily cut with a table saw or router. To start, scribe the adjoining board onto the board you plan to dado. Mark the sides and depth of the dado which should be no more than halfway through the board’s thickness. If you’re using a router, sandwich the boards between two scrap boards. This prevents splintering at the ends. Use another board parallel to the cut to guide the router along straight. Clamp the boards in place and router in one pass. To do the same with a table saw, purchase a dado blade. This is a kit where several blades are placed together to make the correct thickness of the dado. Attach the dado blades to the same thickness of the board and pass through the table saw at the correct length.

To make a stopped dado cut with a router set up the same process as explained above. Set the jig on a bench to where the end of the stopped dado will end at the end of the workbench. Attach a block of wood with a clamp. This will stop the router at the proper length of the dado. Usually, a stopped dado ends a little more than halfway through the board. Once the router has stopped, pull it from the dado. Use a sharp chisel to complete the dado where the router has stopped. You can do the same thing with a table saw by placing a clamp and board at the end of the saw table. Let the saw come to a stop and remove the wood. Chisel the remainder of the dado out.

A dovetail dado is definitely harder. It can not be done with a table saw. You also need a router table to attach your router to for stability. Purchase a dovetail router bit and attach it to the router and the router to the table. Set the depth of the router to the depth of the dado cut. Pass the board through the router. The board that fits into the dado requires several passes along its edge to make the matching dovetail to the correct size. Place the board that’s to be the opposite dovetail and make a small pass on the router table on each side. Gauge the thickness of the dovetail with its opposite end. Trim off enough so the dovetail ends are tight. If they are to lose you will need to start over.

It’s always best to have a test piece when cutting dados. Use scrap wood and test fit for each dado. Adjust the saw or router as necessary. When you have the correct dado set on the saw or router, cut the good wood. Practice makes perfect!