August 6, 2020

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Toaster Needs Repair? 6 Quick Fixes To Try Before Buying a New One

When a toaster starts burning toast or stops working completely, it doesn’t always mean that it has broken down for good. Sometimes all it takes to get a toaster working again is just a simple adjustment or repair that you can do yourself with just a few simple tools. Here are six of the more common things that can wrong with a toaster; you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to repair.

CAUTION: To avoid the risk of electric shock, remember to unplug the toaster before attempting to make any repairs.

Burnt toast. If your toaster is burning toast, double check the settings so that the level or dial is just below the mid point and not cranked to the highest number. Those higher numbers should only be used when trying to toast a slice of frozen bread or a dense bread product such as a bagel.

Toasts on one side. This happens in my toaster quite a bit, and is usually caused by one of two reasons:

Wrong Slot. If your toaster is like mine, there should be an arrow on the top that directs the operator to use a special slot when toasting only one piece of bread. Using the wrong slot results in slice of bread that’s only been toasted on one side.

Function switch set incorrectly. For dual function or four-slot toaster, the function switch controls which elements receive power. If the switch is in the wrong position, this too can cause partially toasted slices of bread.

Irregular toasting or uneven toasting. When bagels or English muffins get caught in a toaster, removing them may knock the toasting rack out of alignment which will affect the next piece of bread that’s dropped in the slot. To fix a dropped rack, unplug the toaster and gently move the rack back into the grooves where it belongs. You can refer to the rack in the other slot as your guide.

Smokes during use. Trapped food particles or an overflowing crumb tray can cause a toaster to smoke. To clean, unplug the toaster, tilt sideways over newspaper, and open up the crumb tray located in the base of the toaster. Gently brush off the crumbs from the tray. To remove trapped food particle in the rack or the element, a pair of chopsticks works great.

No power. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFI) is an outlet that has been equipped with a built-in circuit breaker to prevent shock. If you’ve plugged the toaster into a kitchen outlet and the power cuts out suddenly, you may have tripped the GFI. To reset the GFI, look for the outlet nearest the toaster that has a red or black (or both) bar in the center of the outlet. Press the button marked “reset” to restore the power. You can also check if the system inside the toaster is properly working. You can use dewalt impact driver to loose screws and check if all the components are fine. You can find Dewalt impact drivers at

If resetting the GFI doesn’t work, try plugging in the toaster into another outlet in another room. If the toaster still won’t turn work, then it’s probably time to buy a new toaster.

Thinking About Facial Hair?

I know how you feel. “Man, I wonder what I would look like with a beard.” It’s a hard question to answer. There’s really no way for you to know without trying. Of course, aside from hairstyle, you also want to achieve Travis Scott braids. I realize how hard a concept that has to be for you. After all, isn’t the deck somewhat stacked against you if the only way to know is to take the time and go through the process of growing the hair? Well, the deck is stacked, sure, but “against you” may not be the right way of looking at it. But at the end of the day, it still depends on your preference and on what will make you happy. 

I recall my first experience attempting to grow facial hair. I was in eighth grade, and tried to grow a goatee. I stopped shaving for maybe two weeks, and it looked ridiculous. I shaved it, post haste. I didn’t try again until the summer after I graduated, this time for a full beard. After about four weeks of growth, I realized two things, that I was nearly incapable of growing any hair on my upper lip, and that my hair growth was very, very slow. I shaved again. I still wanted to give it a try, though. By the following March, which, in the context of this story, is this past March, I couldn’t take not knowing any more.

So, I resolved to grow a goatee…again. This time, I was committed. I was not going to shave my chin or top lip until I had a certifiable goatee, and nothing was going to stop me. And, friends, nothing did. I grew the goatee. And let me tell you, it was an experience. Once again, it was evident that my hair was going to grow slow, and that my moustache was, for some inexplicable reason, much weaker than the rest. I was also evident, after a while, that, despite the dark brown hair on my head, my beard was going to grow a rather vibrant red, with, apparently, blondish roots.

However, I stuck it out. In the face of derision and doubt that I would be able to do it, I persevered, and I could not be happier with the result. It took time, it took will power, it took a thick skin. In the end, though, I got to see what my face looked like with a goatee, and I’ll tell you, I am in no way disappointed. I am pleased with the result, and I believe that the process, long and arduous though it may have been, was worth it.

And so I am here to implore you today. If you are thinking about facial hair, if you’re seriously entertaining the notion, or if it was perhaps merely a transient interest, I say give it a go. No man should have to live his whole life wondering what it’s like, or, far worse, wanting it but being to afraid to try it. You have to try it, at least once. It’s a moral imperative.

However, I must also caution you. Even if you end up having the thickest, most robust beard, and the fastest growing, no man who decides to set off down this road to facial haird can completely forego the stage where he is “growing a beard,” which must come before the stage in which he “has a beard.” You will look funny, and you will feel awkward. More likely than not, you will be made fun of. Some people may even tell you straight out that they don’t like it. Some may even ask you to shave it off and give up. To them, you have to be willing to say, “This is my face, and this is a new look that I want to try. The decision is not yours.” And, then, you have to stick to your declaration of self-sufficiency.

The obvious hurdle for most men out there will be the wife. Some women will be very opposed to their clean-shaven man suddenly growing a beard. This is one area in which I really cannot offer any practical advice, as I have no experience. I am tempted to say that you should still stick to it, as you probably will also be tempted. However, I know that, deep down, if you sense that it really is causing your wife (or other significant other) that much undue stress and frustration, you’ll make what I consider the acceptable compromise of taking one for your family. Then again, perhaps you can work her over and get her to come around, eventually. That will have to be your call.

In any case, to all the clean-shaven men out there who want to grow beards, but aren’t sure they’ve got it in them, I want to say one last thing: The embarassing stage will end, eventually; it has to. And when it does, you’ll be strutting around with a distinguished-looking beard on your face, the kind that I know you will be proud of. Go for it.

Do You Need Small Business Marketing Help?

In addition to living under the cloud of statistical gloom and doom, small business owners are generally responsible for just about everything the company does. That can add a great deal of pressure to an already difficult situation, especially when one considers that many small business owners enter the marketplace without a significant background in either business or marketing.

The deck, it would seem, is stacked against the little guy. Although smaller operators do have advantages in some areas, the system does tend to favor established players. Running your own show may be many things, but easy is not among them.

If you are running a small business and profits aren’t where you need them to be, it can be tough to figure out from where the red ink is really coming. Is it a product or service inadequacy? Is it excessive spending? Is it poor organization? It might be any of those things. It could also be substandard marketing.

Do you need help with your marketing? If you are trying to scrape by while being subjected to the numerous pressures of small business ownership you may not be sure. Of course, there is no way to know with any absolute certainty if that is your damning weakness. You can, however, use a few indicators to give you an idea of whether or not you need to pay closer attention to how you are branding, promoting and marketing.

Answer each of the following questions honestly.

Do you know what USP means?    Do you know your product’s USP?    Do you know how to write a marketing plan?    Do you have a marketing plan of your own? Can you name at least two advantages small businesses have over their larger counterparts?

If you answered “no,” to any of those five basic questions, you probably do need help with your marketing. Although it is theoretically possible that you stumbled upon an optimal marketing approach without knowing the basics, that is very unlikely. Those who aren’t familiar with the concepts listed in those questions or who have not put them into regular use may find that the best way to energize their small business is to take a long, hard look at their marketing approach.

Obviously, the first step in critically evaluating your marketing is to learn about the things listed in those questions. In other word, step one involves doing some research and learning about the marketing process and some of the proven techniques used by a long line of success stories.

After one has acquainted himself or herself with the information, he or she can then move on to dissecting the small business’ marketing approach with a critical, and well-informed, eye.

In most cases, one will find a host of possible improvements. In many situations, the corrections won’t even cost a dime to enact. In others, making the right alterations might result in an almost instant increase in cash and profits.

Running a small business is an exercise in high stress living. It usually involves dealing with a multitude of new issues, concepts and challenges. Even the best small business operators are often under-informed about at least one aspect of how to get the job done. In many cases, that proverbial Achilles’ heel is marketing.

If you don’t have a strong marketing background or if you just shook your head at any of the previously posed questions, it is time to find a resource to help introduce you to key concepts. Preferably, you will consult materials designed with small business owners in mind. After you learn the basics, you can fine-tune your business’ marketing machine for maximum profit and efficiency. SEO Expert San Diego will provide strong background for marketing of the business. Proper efficiency will be there for designing of the website. The earning of the profit will be according to the requirements of the business person. 

You might not be sure if you have a problem. You might be convinced that you do, but are not sure what it is. Remember, thousands of small business owners have discovered that their lack of understanding of basic marketing principles was standing in the way of success.

Cyclone Rake Commander Leaf and Lawn Vacuum

Cyclone Rake Commander Leaf and Lawn Vacuum

In this day of everything made overseas, and customer service from a call center staffed by people that have no clue about the product they are supporting, let alone the pronunciation of the town your calling from. It is truly refreshing to come across a company that builds their product locally, supports it locally, and actually uses and believes in it.

I spent many years in commercial lawn maintenance, and believe that good support is very important. Anything less ends up costing more money than it possibly saves gt;

I had requested the catalog, and video several times. Each time I read through it till it fell apart, its a beautifully detailed brochure that is quite educational. If nothing else, call and request their information package.

After way too many seasons of deliberating, I called to order. Talking to the woman on the phone was like talking to an old friend. She related to me on a personal basis, and assured me that the cyclone rake was for me. Having ran a commercial lawn maintenance business for the better part of 20 years, that was a tall order. She understood what my expectations would be for a machine, and helped me select the options that would best suit my needs.

Of course, I went for the biggest, and the best, upgrading to the double wheeled casters, and commercial strength hoses, the extra length cleanup hose. The delivery company contacted me the day after I bought it. Holy cow, order it yesterday, get it today, my kind of company.

Now the best part. Putting it together. The whole setup showed up in 7 boxes. since I didn’t want to trundle them all back to my garage by hand truck, I backed my pickup to the back of the truck, and we transferred boxes to my truck. Each box labeled one through 7. How thoughtful was that? Box one even had a note that said open this box first, assembly manual enclosed. Now we are talking, this was going to be easy. The assembly manual comes in a three ring binder, and is so simple to go through. Heck, they even threw in a small tool pouch with all the tools I would need to assemble it. These folks thought of everything. The best-rated handheld vacuum will provide comfort and convenience to the person. The dirt and dust will not be remained at the floor while cleaning it. The space in the bag will be enough for the garbage. 

Systematically, I went through the manual, following the steps one by one. The manual is so clearly written that I would imagine anyone with any degree of aptitude and a willingness to go step by step could do it. As I got to the box that held the engine/vacuum assembly, I noticed a label suggesting to “hold on to this box” Great idea in case you ever need to return it for any reason. I cant say it enough, they thought of everything. With each part of the assembly process, I marveled about the engineering that went into it, and how durable a product I got for the money spent.

I took my time on the assembly, and paid attention to what I was doing. All together, I probably spent about 90 minutes setting it up. Then I was off looking for leaves. I ordered it with the extra long hose, so the first thing I did was clean out the leaves in the beds. This machine has so much suction that it gets down to bare earth, picking up everything in its path. With the long hose, I have a large range that I can collect from before having to move the machine. The impeller does a fine job of shredding the leaves. The large hopper lets you spend more time collecting leaves and less time dumping them, a great feature on a large property where your compost pile is very far from where you are cleaning up. The fact that the machine pulverizes the leaves is a benefit as your compost pile will not become out of control.

On the lawn, I hooked up the short hose to the mower deck, I have a 23 horse craftsman hydrostatic drive 54 inch tractor, I went over the lawn at the same speed as I always do.Since it hitches to the trailer in a rigid connection, when you turn, the back swings out wide, so it will take a bit of getting used to so as not to hit anything from turning too soon, but this connection is a tremendous benefit when backing up as the tractor/vacuum combo doesn’t jack knife. Anyone who can mow the lawn can operate this machine without any difficulty. The machine picked up everything that came out of the discharge shoot, when I slowed down, I even noticed it picking up those pesky acorns which seem to accumulate all over the place. I manage to cover about 1/3 of an acre on a heavily wooded lawn before needing to dump it, this is compared to dumping at least 30 times with the regular mower catcher.

I have had this machine for 3 seasons now and have put over 150 hours on it, cleaning up my yard, as well as a several of my neighbors and friends. Ive used it for cleaning up leaves, removing wood-chip mulch from planting beds, collecting grass clippings from the lawn and in each situation, the machine has performed in a way that I would expect from a commercial piece of equipment .The poly impeller shows no sign of wear, and nothing has failed yet, from the construction, I do not see anything failing anytime soon, the machine is built stronger than it needs to be for what a homeowner would be doing with it.

I think this machine is a great value, on an acre property with 80-90 trees, it takes me no more than 2 hours to clean up, including blowing out the beds, and perimeter, compare that to a tarp and a rake which I know to take 2 full days, and there is no comparison, this machine will pay for itself in time savings alone.

Ten DIY Home Improvement Fall Projects for the Season

With the fall season fast approaching I have taken time to prepare a checklist of Home Improvement and maintenance items I need to complete prior to the onset of winter. Some of these items are routine maintenance items that I perform prior to every winter season while some others require additional planning and expense as I am making every effort to reduce my home’s energy usage and reduce energy sending.

Item 1 – Add attic insulation

The first item on my list, which I have just completed, involved adding insulation to my overhead attic. I had suspected insulation in this area was no longer sufficient as my home is 35 years old and no insulation has been added since it was constructed. When I checked my attic and measured the depth of insulation I found it to be a meager 3 inches, far short of the 16 inches I felt I needed.

I rented a an insulation blow-in machine from Home Depot and bought the required number of bags of loose fiber insulation which allowed me to increase the level of insulation in my attic to 16 inches.

The insulation was a long standing problem since the past few years which was solved to a certain extent and there is no better place than the attic to place it and if you have a in handy, you can do everything with perfection.

As it turned out Home Depot did not charge for the use of the blow-in machine as I purchased the minimum number of bags of insulation to obtain free use of the machine.

I have little doubt the additional 13 inches of insulation will pay for itself in heating and cooling savings.

Item 2 – Insulate Hot Water Heater

I purchased a kit from Home depot that included an insulation blanket, cut to size for my 40-gallon water heater, a top and bottom insulation cap and three Velcro belts used to bind the insulation around the tank. Installation was easy, requiring about 20 minutes with the aide of my wife.

We expect energy savings to pay for this kit (which cost $23.00) in one year.

Item 3 – Re-caulk all window facings

After living in this house for 25 years I have learned that outside caulking fails over time and when it fails water and air seepage can penetrate around window openings. Both of these seepages are expensive in energy and in resulting water damage. As a result every fall I circle my house inspecting window sills and casings looking for and replacing on the spot loosen or missing caulk. This is an expensive repair, which can produce significant savings as water seepage, and cold drafts are eliminated.

Item 4 – Inspect. Repair and close foundation vents

As cold weather approaches I circle my house closing the foundation vents for the winter season. At this time I also check the wire screening that covers each vent and keeps mice and other varmints from gaining access to the crawlspace. If there are any holes or distorted wires in this screen I replace them at this time.

Item 5 – Disconnect and drain water hoses

During summer months we maintain three water hoses for use in watering flowerbeds, decorative shrubs, and a small vegetable garden. These hoses stay connected from April through September. At the end of September and prior to the first frost I disconnect each hose to prevent damage by freezing to the outside spigot and drain it thoroughly of water to prevent hoses from freezing and bursting during winter storage.

Item 6 – Wash and Close Storm Windows

As we keep storm windows raised and open during summer months it is necessary to clean the windowsills from an accumulation of bugs, spider webs and other debris collected over the summer. We also wash the storm windows before closing all of them for winter protection from cold drafts.

Item 7 – Clean Air Condition Condensate Line

As I live in a warm and high humidity part of the country we often have a problem with mold and mildew buildup. This is a particularly serious problem when mold accumulates in my central air conditioning condensate line. To prevent this problem every spring and fall I disconnect the line an d pour one cup of bleach in the line to clear it of mold.

Item 8 – Seal All openings in external walls

After replacing one defective electrical this summer I was surprised to learn how large an opening existed where the drywall had been cut and insulation removed to place the outlet. In effect there was no insulation between the inside of my home and the outside walls. Checking other outlets I found this to be the case with all of them. This allows significant drafts and heat (or cooling) loss.

At Home Depot I purchased two cans of “Great Stuff”. This is a foam sealer/insulator that can be sprayed directly from the can into open cracks or cavities at which point the foam expands to fill and effectively seal and insulate the opening.

Item 9 – Schedule Chimney Cleaning

Winter in our house brings a warm wooden burning fire in the fireplace. While we burn only hardwoods we are careful to keep our chimney swept and cleaned in order to avoid creosote buildup that might result in a chimney fire. I schedule a visit by a professional chimneysweeper every other year.

Item 10 – Cover Gutters with protective screen

As large deciduous trees surround our house the fall season overwhelms us with leaves and fills our installed gutters with sometimes wet and heavy leaves. Beginning last fall I started adding simple coated wire gutter covers that clip onto the edge of the gutter and are hinged to allow access to the gutter as needed. These do a remarkable job in keeping leaves and other debris out of the gutters. To reduce annual cost I am adding these at a rate, which will completely cover all my gutters in 3 years. I am now in the second year of installing these.

The above are ten projects, which will improve the maintenance of my home and make it more energy efficient. I hope some of these ideas will be of benefit to you this fall.

Farming in an Apartment? it is Possible!

While it may sound crazy that you can start a mini farm even if you live in an apartment, the truth is that it is very possible. Depending on what type of space you have, you can grow a few types of fruits and vegetables, and even animals in some apartments.

An apartment with a balcony is able to produce a small garden. By using the square foot method of gardening, even one tiny balcony can produce quite a bit of food. You can use containers for your garden plants or you can use my preferred method which is to buy bags of potting soil, lay them flat on the patio with small drainage holes in the bottom, and cut holes in the top for your plants. Singapore property insights clearly reveal that this is quite the possibility. 

Using the square foot method, vine plants such as watermelon and cucumber can be grown up a wall or railing. Every bit of space can be used. Even if your balcony does not get sun for most of the day, you can still grow some shade tolerant plants such as lettuces.

Kitchen scraps can be turned into compost whether you live in an apartment with or without a balcony. The best way to do this is by keeping a worm bin under your kitchen sink. If you have a balcony, you can keep a regular compost bin, but it will take up valuable garden space. Compost and worm castings can be used in your own garden or you can give it to a local gardener in exchange for some of their garden’s produce.

Even if your apartment does not have a balcony, you may still be able to grow some of your own food plants. Ask your landlord if it is possible for you to be allowed to grow a container garden on the roof. Even if all you can do is grow a few culinary herbs in your windows, it will help. Indoor plants will also vastly improve the air quality of your home.

Do you think that you cannot keep livestock simply because you live in an apartment? Think again! There are a variety of animals that you can raise for food or supplemental income. Many apartment balconies have room for a beautiful, well-built hutch. You may be able to keep one or two pet chickens for their eggs. Hens eat a variety of table scraps and your non-compostables can be turned into eggs, chicken manure, and meat.

Rabbits tend to be very apartment friendly and can be raised for meat or companionship. They can also be bred and sold. My favorites are the beautiful angora rabbits whose hair can be collected with a comb and handspun into the most valuable and luxuriant of yarns.

Many apartment dwellers enjoy raising doves on their roofs, porches, or balconies. Doves can be raised and sold or kept for their meat. Some people who live in apartments enjoy raising homing pigeons as a hobby.

I have seen apartment balconies with a bee hive or two. Honey bees are quite docile, especially a few specific varieties, and most people will not even notice or realize that they are there. Bees produce honey, of course, as well as propolis and beeswax which is valuable for use in soap and candle making as well as other products.

If you have a balcony, you can start your own small nursery. You can grow seedlings in flats and sell them at your local farmer’s market when they are ready. Local gardeners may even trade you some of their produce that cannot be grown in an apartment (such as apples, oranges, and peaches) for young healthy seedlings.

Check your local library for instructional books on square foot gardening and raising different types of small livestock. You may be able to produce more out of our little space than you realize!

4 Top Facts About Kratom Extracts

Kratom extracts are making huge waves all around the world lately and for all the right reasons. Rich in health benefits, these extracts also reward with excellent boost of energy and focus. Interestingly, Kratom Vendors originally grows in South East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand as well as Papua New Guinea. Kratom leaves have been traditionally explored as medicines and currently some people even use them as recreational drug.

You must be curious to know about Kratom extracts by now. It’s to note here Kratom extracts must be used with caution as overdose could bring on health hazards. The post below offers an expert guide stressing on the major facts you should know about Kratom extracts.

How are the extracts made?

Well, the process of extraction is really important here and one has to ensure the strained result comes high in potency. First, the leaves are plucked from Kratom plant after which they are harvested. The next step is to dry the leaves. Once the leaves get dried up, they are put into a big boiling pot. Ethanol is added to the pot and the whole blend is left to boil for a prolonged time. In the meantime, alkaloids present in Kratom leaves are carefully extracted. It is followed by straining of the liquid. 

The strained fluid is collected and heated again. Repetitive boiling results in a highly concentrated mixture which becomes many times powerful compared to the leaves originally plucked to make the mix. If you check out Kratom packets sold online, you will often see packets showing a “X” next to a number. For example, you will find Kratom extract packets with 5X Kratom written on them. Now, this means 5gms Kratom leaves have been used here to make 1 gm Kratom extract. The coolest part is, this apparently meagre 1gm extract is equivalent to as much as 5gms of Kratom leaves.

Top benefits of Kratom extracts

Kratom extracts are bustling with amazing health benefits. To start with, these extracts are rich in analgesic properties and are an excellent remedy for acute pain. From backache to migraine, Kratom extracts can deal with multiple painful situations. Then, Kratom extracts help to fight anxiety, stress, mood swings or depression. The other benefits of Kratom extracts are strong boost of energy and healthy immune system.

Consumption and dosage

Kratom extracts can be consumed in several forms today. You will find them in the form of pills or capsules. Sometimes, the extracted powder is also consumed with tea or shakes. In regards to dosage, beginners should consume no more than 2gms of Kratom extracts. Once you become a seasoned user, you can graduate to 4-6 gms. If you want a euphoric high, you have to consume more than 6 gms.

How to source Kratom extracts?

There are various sellers online who sell Kratom extracts. You can take a look around Stonerszone blog for an idea on some of best sellers in the market. But make sure to settle with a certified seller who gets its products independently tested in a 3rd party lab.

Facing Bankruptcy, Circuit City Contemplates Store Closures

Circuit City (traded on the New York Stock Exchange under symbol CC) was founded in Richmond Virginia in 1949 and has grown to become such a giant as a specialty retailer of consumer electronics, home office products, entertainment software and related products that it currently has 714 stores in the United States and 772 stores and outlets in Canada and ranks number two only to rival competitor Best Buy (traded on the New York Stock Exchange under symbol BBY, source: But as of this writing (October 21, 2008) Circuit City closed out the trading day at a fresh 52 week low of $0.33. The once mighty store has been rumored as of late to be possible going into bankruptcy, which has led the higher ups of the company to face some tough choices.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Circuit City is contemplating the closure of 150 stores in an attempt to thwart bankruptcy. The Journal also reports that the company has recently hired Rothschild Inc. to assist in talks with banks in an attempt to secure emergency financing. The Journal goes on to report that the company also retained FTI Consulting to try to devise a turnaround plan. FTI has recently helped companies like Winn Dixie and The Bombay Company that were facing similar financial problems. As if all that were not enough, the company has also hired Skaddem, Arps, Slate, Meagher and Flom LLC, which is the firm that oversaw the bankruptcy proceedings of K-Mart (source:

Meanwhile, Best Buy continues to open stores and take market share away from Circuit City (source: One would think that Circuit City would be a great buy out opportunity for a larger company like Best Buy. But the debt they have accrued may make them a sour play. Besides, if they do go into bankruptcy, you may see a similar situation occur much like when Sears bought K-Mart out of bankruptcy a few years back.

Circuit City has its own share of benefits and limitations and if the debts continue to grow then it becomes difficult to handle the burden once the bankruptcy period is in its nascent stages and Personal Bankruptcy Basics do little in helping to get out of the situation and there comes a time when they have to be declared as non performing assets.

The company really couldn’t have picked a worse time to get into such financial disarray. With the increasing credit crunch everyone is having trouble finding the necessary funding to make it through tough times. Add that to the decreasing consumer spending and major lack of consumer confidence and the outcome probably won’t be pretty for Circuit City. Even if Circuit City closes the 150 stores it is contemplating, with the horrible holiday season that is almost sure to come, it may not be enough. If the trend continues, Circuit City may have no other choice but to either close additional stores early next year or find itself smack dab in the middle of bankruptcy court. It seems that Circuit City finds itself in the wrong place and definitely at the wrong time.

How to Make a Solar Hot Water Heater for Camping or Home

Solar hot water heaters are small (or large, depending on design) heaters that use the sun to warm water. This warmed water can then be used for cooking, washing, bathing, or even camping, depending on the device. Though it might seem like the water would be warm at best, using a properly made solar heater can make water piping hot – so much so that it can burn you if you’re not careful.

The design used in this article is for a simple, small 1 gallon hot water heater. Because it is portable, this design is ideal for remote cabins or camping trips where hot water won’t be available. If you need more than 1 gallon, this design can be used on a larger scale, though a pump might be necessary to transport the water from tank to home.

Step 1 – Container

A container of some type is needed. If you’re planning to cook with this water or use it to make beverages, it is best to choose a glass container, as warming up plastics can release toxins into the liquid, some of which may cause cancer. If you’re not going to be consuming the water, plastic is the best option, as it is not breakable, and is lighter (and cheaper) than glass.

For the article I used a 1 gallon plastic jug of spring water from the Dollar Tree.

Step 2 – Spray Paint

You will need some black spray paint that is intended for plastics. If you get a version that is not intended for plastics, it may scratch off or leave a residue on things that touch it. I use black enamel for mine.

Remove the cap from the jug (which should be empty). Pound a stick or broom handle into the ground and place the jug on top of it (so that the handle goes into the opening of the jug. Shake the spray paint, then hold it at arm’s length and move it in wide motions while spraying the jug. The first coat should be thin, and may have a few bare patches. This is fine, as the goal is to avoid having black paint run off.

Wait for the paint to dry, then give it another coat. Give it as many coats as necessary, allowing it to dry between each coat.

Step 3 – Sun

Solar water heaters require the sun (of course). Fill the jug with water, then screw the cap on tightly and place it in direct sunlight. This also applies with commercial water filters that are solar powered.


Depending on where you live, this may not get the jug hot enough. If that is the case, purchase aluminum duct tape and a sheet of cardstock. Tape the aluminum tape to one side and then lay it under the jug (shiny side up) so that it reflects the sunlight back onto the jug. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Cbd: Treatment For Anxiety And Depression?

Cannabidiol or CBD has been gaining popularity because of the researched based health benefits that it can provide. This element can be found in the cannabis plant. Generally, cannabis plants are also known as marijuana or hemp. There have been a lot of studies and research claiming that CBD is an effective medicine for wide variety of diseases. One of those is depression. Since depression is one of the major mental health issues that we are facing today, it is of great importance to find solutions on how we can fight this health problem. Hence, CBD or cannabidol might be the answer.

Despite the fact that most of the research abound cbd oil for pain is still yet to be proven, it is still important to at least have a grasp of  what CBD is and how it is helpful to our health. According to studies, mental health issues such as anxiety, discomfort before public speaking and cognitive impairment can be treated using cannabidol. This is to the relationship of the CBD’s potential benefits for such diseases to the positive effect in serotonin receptors in the brain. According to research, depression is associated with the low level of serotonin. While CBD doesn’t have the ability to boos the levels of serotonin, it is tested to be effective in affecting the way the chemical receptors of your brains respond to the serotonin that is already in your system.

There is a study in animals that claims the effects of CBD on such brain receptors produced both anti0anxity effects and antidepressant. There was also a study in 2018 claiming that CBD has anti-stress effects which can be very helpful in reducing depression related to stress. But these studies are not yet approved and tested by the higher medical organization. There are still a lot of factors to consider and careful evaluation must be done.

As a caution, if you have depression, CBD should not be your go to medicine as it is not yet approved by the world health organization. CBD should not be a replacement of any prescribed medication such as antidepressants. It is still better to always consult with your doctor or medical provider for the best and effective medication. Abruptly stopping medication prescribed to you by your doctor may cause some serious side effects on your body. If you want to stop medication, make sure to consult first with your healthcare provider to come up with a plan for gradually decreasing your dosage.

Overall, CBD or cannabidol still needs to undergo in depth research, studies and evaluation. As an individual, especially if you have depression, it is important that you keep yourself posted and informed about the current standing of CBD in the field of medicine. There are helpful websites like greenthevoteok that provide you with reliable and timely updates and information about CBD. The study of CBD is still an on-going journey. Hopefully, in the future, with the aid of technology, we can now have facts about CBD.