August 7, 2022


9 Of The Top 10 Most-Streamed Artists Of 2018 Were Rappers

2018 was certainly a good year for music and the music industry. The year has witnessed some of the most radical changes in the music industry. Streaming has become a great trend in the year and people have memorized the top edm songs of the year after listening to their favorite artists perform them in live gigs. Another trend that attracted major attention in the year was the collaborations of artists across genres. Many DJs and edm artists have been seen performing with hip hop artists and rappers in the year- both in music albums and live.

In 2018, 901 billion streams were experienced in US alone. These got translated into 267.4 billion clicks from within the country. Here comes the most interesting fact! 30 percent of the earning that the US music industry made in 2018 from live streaming is for the combined genre of Hip Hop and R&B. This means that clearly, 9 out of 10 artists in the most streamed category from 2018 are rappers. Drake is leading this list with his album Scorpion that became popular overnight after its release. He bagged the title on being the most streamed artist with 11.3 billion on demand streams in the year, becoming the first artist to cross the 10 billion mark in the live streaming game. He is followed by Post Malone who had 7.51 billion streams in the year.

Sadly, XXX Tentacion passed away in the year during the month of June. However, he managed to get the third most views for live streams in the year with a total number of 6.91 billion streams. He is closely followed by Eminem who launched his 10th studio album Kamikaze in the year. He was able to wind up with 4.82 billion hits on his live streams in 2018. Apart from these, NBA YoungBoy, Migos, Travis Scott, Cardi B and Lil Baby were other rappers that people adored during the last year. From other musical genres apart from rap, Ariana Grande was the top ranking artist who was able to get 3.28 billion live streams, making rock the second favorite of people from all over the world.

The year also noticed a strange trend in terms of live streaming rankings. Female artists rose to popularity but were, sadly, not able to give a tough competition to many male artists. The popularity of Drake followed by some other male rappers was not much of a threat but still many separate lists were launched to evaluate the popularity of female rappers of US. Cardi B was able to top this list with Dua Lipa following her, but the number of their live streams was nowhere near what male artists have been able to achieve in the year. Anyhow, Spotify remained the central platform for the most popular live streams in the year and launched a separate list for the top ranking female rappers of the year. Rap fans all over the world are now looking forward to 2019, hoping that new artists will occupy the stage in this year.

The Importance of Community

What’s in a community? Who put the MM in MMORPG? How important is the social aspect of an MMORPG? In today’s fast-paced world of gaming, where leveling has become a nuisance and instancing and insta-travel have become the norm, the community within the game has become so much more important. With you can rise in the gaming community. As you increase your level and ranking you get more recognition as well. It is really important that you get inside the community. You can chat with other community members to improve your skills and learn more tips so that you can improve your gameplay as well.

The community in a game can often make or break the game, yet developers often overlook this concept. While making sure that they have the latest eye-catching graphics, fastest leveling system, and new and intriguing combat, they often forget the most important feature- the people.

How can a developer forget what is right in front of their face? It is in the title, right? MM does stand for Massively Multi-player? These two words encompass the main idea of the genre. It is this social aspect that has caused people to be addicted to these types of games. It is what keeps them coming back for more. The realism, the whole new world that is full of life, yet so different than everyday living. In fact, gamers will often tire of the actual gameplay of a title but stick around for years because they have formed a bond with other players in the community. They have made friends, long-lasting relationships that they do not wish to part from.

When asked his opinion on the importance of the community within a game, Paul Presley, Editor at MMM Publishing said, ” [It’s] vital. Although as much out of the game as in.” Paul also added, “[Devs] do not forget, per se, but they often, understandably tend to focus on the game first, community second. Most of the time it feels as though they’ll wait for the community to take care of itself at first, hope it’s a success and then start to nurture it.”

This is a good assessment of what happens, but the fact remains that this tactic does not always work out. If you leave it up to the community to create the community, and the community fails at this, the game fails too. The community needs help from the developers. To be successful it needs the gameplay to be social, it also needs the right tools, such as a well-made friend list, guild windows, and chat options, all of which need to be easy to use. Along with all of this, a game needs a great community manager. One who will engage in the community, encourages members to be active, and also one who will answer questions, host events, and be there for the players when they are needed.

The community also needs aspects of the game to promote social activity that is different than normal gameplay. Allow players to have housing that they can decorate, chairs they can sit in emotes galore and casual clothing. With all of this the player can find a place to relax after a hard day of fighting, they can head to a friend’s house and chat it up, or throw a party of their own.

One MMO that hit the nail on the head was Star Wars Galaxies. Most gamers would agree that this game was built around the idea of social ability. There is yet to be another game that allows it’s players to create and build a strong community as this game did. From being able to craft and name their own items, change the colors on housing signs, build houses into stores, host live dance and music events at the Cantina, this game raised the bar on community. In fact, players were even able to create their own custom cities and make that city well known and visited. All doors could be left open as well, so players could just drop on in without the downtime of zoning. It is truly a shame that this game took a wrong turn at the end and more of a shame that other games still have not picked up on the unique qualities that this game offered to promote player friendliness, and activity.

So who did put the MM in MMORPG? Richard Garriott of course! He created the term MMORPG, and the game Ultima Online considered the first successful game in the genre. What separated this game from single-player games? The massive amount of people in this persistent online world! People that were as real as those that gamers interact with every day, except that now in a game, players were able to interact with people on a daily basis in a world that was more fun and stress-free.

Now MMOs are taking a turn for the worse. With the new solo-friendly craze that games have begun, players never have to speak with one another, and can remain solo until the very end, creating a lack of contact with the other players. Where will the genre go from here? What does Richard Garriott think? Who will create the new term for these not so MMORPGs? Perhaps they are now only MMORPGs (Massively Multi-Player Solo Role-Playing Games).

Gamers who love to log into these games to immerse themselves in an exciting virtual world full of intrigue, danger, and good friends can only hope that there is an upcoming game on the horizon that will save the MMORPG, a game that recognizes that community is important, that the social aspect is needed to form a bond to the game, and that the most essential element of the game is the people.

Trending Cars Among College Students In The ’80s

To be truly honest with you, the car manufacturing industry has seen some rapid changes in the recent past years especially when you are talking about some high performance SUVs and sedans. As a buyer, you have a lot of options to pick when you are up to the task of buying trending cars. What about the brief details regarding the sedans which were popular in ‘80s? The time period of ‘80s was really like a golden period for the entire world where the technology was maybe introduced.  The following paragraphs can help you to have some keen details about the trending cars among college students in the ‘80s.

After having some basic details  about ’80s cars now, you would be looking to check out some explained details about those cars which were driven out by the college students in the decade of 80. This is really important for you to have such details when you are looking to buy a new car. This simple concept can fix a lot of issues that you may face while choosing a perfect car. You can check and some other similar platforms to have the needed details.

Mitsubishi Lancer

When you are talking about some of the iconic Lancer cars then you cannot forget to talk about Mitsubishi Lancer which was a very trendy car in the youths of ‘80s. The box-type structure and awesome looks of this car made it very popular and famous among the college students without any doubt. To know more about Mitsubishi Lancer, you can surf some other similar online portals.

Mitsubishi Mirage

If you have heard anything about the Cainta-assembled models then you may already know something about the Mitsubishi Mirage. This is yet another popular sedan which was widely popular among the ’80 college students.

Toyota Starlet

The exceptional looks and appealing features of Starlet made it one of the most renowned sedans in ‘80s. The college students were having dream to drive this special car. As a user, you should browse some other similar reliable platforms to have the desired details about this same car.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is yet another sedan which was popular among the college students in ‘80s. You can check more details about this same car by browsing some other reliable online websites and platforms.

Toyota Corona

The college students who were looking to drive out some rough and tough cars in ’80s had given preference to the Toyota Corona. This is yet another marvelous car that has gained a huge respect and appreciation in ’80s. So think about your needs and make full use of the information.

These are some of the trending cars in’80s about which you are looking to collect some brief details. If you still have some doubts left there in your mind then you can browse some other similar online platforms without asking anyone else right now. In the end, you just need to remark your needs and make full use of the available information wherever you want according to your needs and desires.

Digital Marketing: An Effective Tool Of Marketing For Growing One’s Digital Presence

Marketing is all about reaching one’s targeted audience and leave a long lasting impression on their minds. This is helpful in customer retention and making sure that there is strong communication between the business concern and customers. But gone are the days when people used to go to shops and retail units to shop, now with technological advent people search and compare things online and also buy products and services from digital platforms. This is the reason why digital marketing is the only tool that can help one’s business to reach that popularity online and for that one can the best NJ web design, SEO and social media marketing agency.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a tool of marketing for promoting a business online. It is a way of trying to each audience through online gadgets and services. Just having a website is not enough one need to promote and market it effectively to make sure that it is seen by people and so that it can attract organic traffic towards the website. For a successful marketing campaign, one needs to create a marketing strategy based on business and market analysis and continuous customer feedback. Also one needs to take into consideration the fact that there are several types of digital marketing tools and one should use a balanced mix of all of them to make their campaign effective.

Type of digital marketing

  1. Search engine optimization (SEO): the most important and most talked about the tool, it is all about making one’s website rank higher in the search engine to increase its visibility and incoming traffic.
  2. Social media marketing: this famous for directly connecting to the customers and not just to promote the services and products but also to be in constant communication with the customers.
  3. Content marketing: this is an indirect form of marketing where viewers read the content and then share or comment on it. This helps in growing one’s business by assuring the viewers about one’s expertise in a filed.
  4. E-mail marketing: one of the oldest types of digital marketing but very effective in its own way. This usually involves newsletter, e-mail notifications, e-mail invitations or after sales thank you e-mails.
  5. Online advertising: one of the oldest and most commonly used and it helps in serving ads to other content sites.

How digital marketing helps in the growth of the business?

Before starting to search for NJ web design, SEO and social media marketing service providers, one should take into consideration how digital marketing can help one’s business:

  • It helps in expanding the customer base.
  • It is affordable and cheap as compared to conventional marketing techniques.
  • One can target a large number of potential customers.
  • Create an online presence by doing reliable branding.
  • It helps in improving customer satisfaction on daily basis by communicating with the customers.
  • Increase the incoming traffic and which in turn will lead to revenue growth.

While selecting a digital marketing agency one should be careful about their credibility and expertise. Also one should be aware of one’s own needs and expectations so that it can match the expertise of the agency. Digital marketing without any doubt is the most powerful tool to make one’s brand have a stronger digital presence in an effective and cost-efficient way.

A Diabetes Center Offers Information on the Disease

You find that you are suffering from diabetes and you are at a loss at what to do about it. Of course, your doctor will explain to you the facts in brief, and prescribe the medicines and caution you about your diet. He or she will also tell you that this is a disease that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Diabetes is incurable. It does sound pretty bad and very final. Where do you look for more information?

The Diabetes Center – The Information Source on Diabetes
There is many a diabetes center which side by side with providing treatment for diabetes, also conducts information dissemination classes for people to get a grip on themselves and learn to live a fruitful life, in spite of this disease. You will, of course, find plenty of information on the Net and you will be able to dig a lot of facts on the diseases from libraries. However, the diabetes center will be one of the best sources because it provides hands-on experience.
A diabetes center will provide not only a good amount of information and guidelines on how to manage diabetes and integrate your life to cope with this disease for life, but also show you a real-life example of success or failures so you can learn from it.

Diabetes is a very serious disease if left untreated. It is hence very important to diagnose it as early as possible and bring it under control. It is very much possible to enjoy a completely normal life, even if you are a diabetic, only with the help of a balanced diet and moderate lifestyle.

Help In an Emergency – The Diabetes Center
The moment you find that you are suffering from diabetes, you should make sure you tell your family and friends so they would be aware of this problem in case of an emergency. You will also need to wear a tag on the wrist or in your wallet saying that you are diabetic and describing the disease in case any mishap takes place and the doctor needs to know in a hurry what to do for you.

You also need to know where the first place to call in case of an emergency. The diabetes center would be a good choice because they are well equipped for diabetic emergencies and can intervene fast. If you do have a diabetes center close by, make sure you enroll there and let them know where you live, so in case of any emergency help can be on its way in no time.

Does Being A Type-A Personality Make Me OCD?

All you non-Type-A’s don’t get to weigh in on the vote because you just don’t understand. There is an order to life that many people just don’t recognize, and it is up to those of us that do to make sure things are put in their proper place. To say that I am routine oriented is most definitely an understatement. I like to think of myself as an efficiency aficionado, which sounds much better. I’ll admit this can be good or bad, depending on the situation. I like to figure out the most efficient way for something to be done, and always do it that way unless I find out something even more efficient. Unfortunately, this extends to things that likely can be done differently without any real consequence.

Take for example the commute to work. Yes, we all like this to be as short as possible (I think) and typically we take the route that gives us the shortest time in the car. How many of you try every possible route multiple times both morning and evening and compare when you leave work to the traffic flow. Ok, some of you perhaps. How about do you take into consideration the lights or stop signs along with left turns into traffic you make that will impact the possible wait time and therefore increase your drive time? And how about the sheer number of turns you make and at what speed for consideration on wear and tear on your tires. Yep, I’m that bad. I know of one other person as bad as me in this way. He and I used to go to the same destination in two vehicles and, at the same time, take different routes as an unconscious test to see who arrived first. I know, straight to the loony bin for both of us.

If you think the driving habits are not that bad, let me continue. How about the old favorite of where you squeeze the tube of toothpaste. Yep, count me in for the bottom and work my way into the end. Is there any question as to whether it is the most efficient? My wonderful wife is of course non-caring and squeezes from wherever her hand happens to have grabbed the tube. Does this bother me…well, a little, but not to the point of frustration. I just “fix” it every time I notice. Yes, that is correct. If I notice the tube is not at its most efficient point, I make the adjustment squeeze to everything right again in the universe.

How about toilet paper? Not the fact of whether or not there is sufficient left on the roll, no, that is too easy. Not having any is a whole other topic. I am talking about the direction it rolls. I can see many of you think, uh, never noticed and who cares. Me, I care. I much prefer it to roll towards me so a casual flick brings out what you need. My wife, again, doesn’t give this a passing thought. If the roll is turning the “incorrect” direction, I will actually take the time to switch it. How bad is that?

Do you sort your bills in your wallet? This is, of course, assuming you have multiple bills of the varying denomination to be sorted. How about the order the credit cards are in so the ones you use the most are easiest to access? Do you go so far as to vary what cards and other contents of your wallet/purse contain based on what you will be doing that day? How about where things are located in the fridge? Best use of space and most readily available?

The list goes on, and each thing pretty insignificant on its own, but put together they are beginning to make me wonder. As part of my concern, I periodically buck my system and change something up just to make sure I can do it without feeling a panic attack. I don’t want to end up locking my doors 5 times and feeling compelled to step over cracks. It may work in the end for Jack Nicholson on the big screen, but I am pretty sure my family would strap me in the white jacket before then. I’m ok, you’re ok, we’re ok. Whew, back to work.

Teen Friendships – Romantic and Otherwise

Mary, the “mom”

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with an old friend. She was telling me about her thirteen-year-old daughter having a boyfriend. A boyfriend she’s been “going out” with for eight months now. A boyfriend they have accepted and even welcomed into their home and family. It was clear she has grudgingly accepted the fact that her daughter is growing up, and fast. But she wasn’t exactly happy about it.

My response was, “Well, what choices do you have? If you forbid it, you just set the stage for her to lie and sneak around in order to see this boy. This way, you’re aware of what’s going on and in a position to supervise.” My friend agreed but told me that most of her other friends felt differently. They thought she was crazy to allow this relationship to go on.

It’s easy for me to spout my theory when it’s just that – a theory. I do have a thirteen-year-old daughter, but there is no boyfriend on the horizon. So, “dad” how did you handle the boyfriend issue with your daughters? Rach, what’s your take on it?

Rach, the “teen”

My parents never forbid me from seeing anyone. At 11 they drove me to see my first boyfriend. At 15 they allowed me to date a senior in high school. And at 18 they seem happy to see me dating the boy who’s been chasing me.

I think parents should always be supportive. Parents who forbid their kids from seeing someone, or dating till a certain age are asking for their kid to lie to them. Parents who disapprove of a certain person should say something or set boundaries, forbidding isn’t an effective way to stop a behavior.

When I was fourteen, my best friends mom forbids him from seeing or speaking to me. His mom said I was a bad influence, and my parents were shocked but they stayed out of it. We got around the ban (by meeting at mutual friends houses and talking by email), but it was incredibly hard. Being banned from a best friend is terrible, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be banned from a boyfriend.

Brad, the “dad”

I’m sorry, what is this ‘boyfriend’ thing of which you speak? As we all know, the standard practice for Dads when it comes to dating daughters is to stick one’s fingers in one’s ears and go “la la la la” until Mom handles it.

So far, we have dodged this particular bullet – our daughters have both decided, pretty much on their own, that they’re not ready for boyfriends yet, though with the Valkyrie heading off to college in mere weeks, I know that’s going to change way too soon. We did have this problem with a “bad influence” friend and Rachel are right: it’s virtually impossible, given the wide range of activities and low level of supervision, to really “ban” anybody, at any teen-like age. If the Valk or the Elf wants to see somebody – romantically or otherwise – we parents would be foolish to think we could absolutely prevent it.

Still…I think that even if they would never admit it or show it, our kids really do want our approval and respect. So when we’ve dealt with less-than-perfect friends, we’ve let our daughter know directly – and privately, not in front of sibs or other friends – that we don’t really like the Kid in Question. And we tell her why. In some instances, it’s actually made her re-think the liaison. In others, she’s disagreed. Strenuously. Even tearfully. And I have to admit, in a couple of cases the girl was right and we were wrong: the Kid in Question wasn’t so bad after all. We also found in one crucial case that bringing in a respected third party – an older sister, an older, long-time friend or relative – who could say basically what we would have said, but without the “parent thing” wrapped around it, did a world of good. The girls actually heard the message rather than raged at the messenger, and backed away from a potentially bad situation.

I am clinging to the idea that our daughters’ judgment is already good enough to keep them from making really bad mistakes about men. But this is the real world and the 21st century, and chances are they’ll get hurt. After we’ve done our best – limited though it may be – to protect them, our real job as parents of teens and adults is to accept what we couldn’t prevent and help them heal. Not the most fun part of the gig, but there you go.

Ahchoo! Welcome One and All to Allergy Season

Ahchoo! (Repeat 7 times) I hate allergies. I am sure I’d be a bit hard-pressed to find anyone that does. The season is starting up again nice and early, so I am already on the Claritin knock-off I get from Costco. Though the drugs don’t take it completely away, thankfully for me it does keep most of the symptoms at bay.

What is the deal with allergies anyway? Our bodies can learn to fight off various illnesses, but we still get all worked up over certain pollens? Is this just a warped way to remind us that deep down we are sensitive? I don’t need to be that in touch with my feelings…really!

I haven’t had allergies all my life. About when I turned 30 they kicked in, which is fairly typical I have discovered for when adult onset allergies come along. Now that I have them, I really feel sympathetic for those that have had them all their lives.

Allergies for me take sneezing to an all new level. I sneeze so hard and for what seems forever that every muscle in my body aches like I have run a marathon…if I had ever run a marathon and knew what that felt like. It flat out hurts. That pain keeps me on drugs, and I am the type that hates taking any drugs I don’t have to. I put off taking Tylenol and deal with some pain rather than popping a pill.

Every so often when I think I might be past whatever pollens are bothering me, I stop taking the allergy pills. I usually dread in a couple of days when I do that and the sneezing fits kick in again. That recollection of pain keeps me taking the pills pretty consistently from Spring until Fall now without fail. I have never gone to a doctor to get tested and find out exactly what pollens are my nemesis, so I just cover all my basis by sticking to it.

I guess I should feel fortunate that allergies didn’t kick in for me until there was a cheap option to deal with it that doesn’t have any side effects. I have seen it for those that are worse. I have seen my brother with full body hives due to his out of control symptoms. I just remind myself it could be much worse.

So if you are with me, whether as a lifer or late bloomer in the allergy club, welcome to the season. Ahchoo!

Laundry Magic – Are the New Steam Washers Cleaning Up?

For several years there has only really been 1 selection to make in the laundry room, best or front loader? But now there is a new kid on the laundry block- although still a front loading washer, the steam washer from trusted brands like LG washer and Kenmore is becoming far more readily obtainable and regarded. Will this mean an end to your local dry cleaners?

I’ve rounded up the excellent points and bad points of the 3 primary sorts of washers available on the marketplace.

There are lots of positive aspects to a front loader when comparing it to a leading loading machine. With a lower water and electricity consumption plus the capability to fit easily into smaller laundry spaces, the front loader is already ticking lots of boxes. Nonetheless, if bending or kneeling is challenging for you, stay with a leading-loading machine as you will need to kneel or bend to load the clothes as properly as remove the wet load from a front-loading washer.

Even though front loaders are a smaller machine than a top loader they surprisingly hold a lot the exact same amount of laundry, about fifteen pounds. Depending on how considerably washing you do in your household will establish the size of the washer and its capacity that you select. If it is just for your self then a smaller machine with a load limit of ten pounds is sufficient but if you have a significant loved one then clearly you’ll need to have to be looking at larger models.

Tests have shown that a mid-size, front loading LG washer will on average consume fifteen gallons of water per load, compare that to a top loading model which employed 29 gallons. That is practically half the water utilized for the same size load in a front loader. The difference is so vast because the best loader requirements so a lot of water to cover the laundry in the drum whereas a front loading machine wants significantly less as the drum is positioned horizontally and as it turns, gravity assists in ensuring all the clothes get dropped back into the water.

Considering that there is no agitator in a front-loading machine, there is a lot far more room for dirty clothes – and larger loads indicate fewer loads. It’s also gentler on your clothes to wash them with no an agitator.

Front loaders are more energy effective than best loaders, making use of far much less electricity. Independent tests show us that a top loader will use twice the amount of electricity that the identical size capacity front loading washer will use. Quicker spin cycles possible with front loaders also indicates they eliminate more water from the clothes and so save a lot more energy on drying if you use a dryer.

Top loading machines are generally a lot much less dear to buy than the equivalently sized front loading machine. If you are on a budget you will be able to pick up a top loader for about 500 hundred dollars or under but need to you decide on to acquire a top loading machine you will make savings lengthy term on your energy bill.

For a quicker wash time, a leading loading washing machine is the answer. They typically only take half the time of a front loader, mainly due to the agitator becoming much more efficient as a method of cleaning, even though as previously stated, the agitator is also harsher on your clothes. It’s not achievable to open the door of a front loading washer once the wash has begun whereas with the best loading washer you can basically pop the lid open and add that stray sock you dropped on the way to the laundry room.

However, with the new steam machines, it is probably to open the front door on some models to add clothing by utilizing a pause function, as there is no water to run out of the machine in steam mode. I got the opportunity to test a load of laundry in an LG Washer and the steam mode did do a significantly greater job of getting marks out of dirty clothes than on just the typical wash mode, you do have to check though that the items you are laundering can withstand the steam temperature. Also, steam washers have a much less water consumption per load compared to regular washers. As with most new innovations, early adopters tend to have to bear the brunt of the expense, you almost certainly won’t find steam enabled washer for less than 00 at the moment but they need to, as with most issues, come down in price with time.

Poorly Programmed Traffic Lights

Poorly Programmed Traffic Lights

Back to a driving rant today. If it sounds like I have a lot of beef when it comes to driving habits and related problems, I do. I promise that I am not a candidate for road rage. You won’t see me on the evening news surrounded by cops with their guns drawn trying to get me to calm down. I try to keep my feeling between me and the windshield.

Have you noticed how traffic lights are programmed? There are some that just seem to work right. They adjust for different times of the day, expected traffic flow, etc. Cross streets get less time because there are typically fewer cars, and the main streets and heavily used turns get their respective “weight” in time being turned green. That is how intelligently programmed lights are supposed to work, and they make traffic flow as best as possible, even during the busy times.

Poorly Programmed Traffic Lights

Recently there have been a few lights installed in my city as we are experiencing tremendous housing and even some business growth (finally). Busy streets have made a few crossing roads nearly impossible to get through during rush hour or even semi-busy times. So the lights were welcome in my opinion. Now for the rant. Both of these lights, though one is worse than the other, are absolutely terrible on the way they change according to upcoming cars on the cross street, plus how long they stay on the cross street. The one, in particular, is about a half mile from an interstate off-ramp. 9 times out of 10 I will come off of I-15 and get stopped by this light. Probably 4 out of those 9 times there will be no cars waiting to get through the light on the cross street. I can’t figure it out, whether this is just a timed event or if the sensors (they use cameras, not the in-ground variety) are picking up a false signal.

This particularly seems to happen late at night, when my wife and I are coming back from a date or some other reason to be out later. At least, that is when I notice it the most because it is blatantly working poorly. Pulling up to the light with no other cars in sight from any direction and it changes. Then, like there is some hidden operator watching through that traffic camera snickering, I have to wait for an over a minute (seems like 10 minutes) for the light to change back and let me through. I am so tempted to just look both ways and take off through the light, but with my luck, that would be when some traffic cop is off the side with his lights off waiting for an idiot like me to pull that stunt.

Poorly Programmed Traffic Lights

I guess if I really wanted to do something about it I could file a complaint with the city, but that would take effort that I am not sure I am willing to put out. So the light is likely to stay screwed up, and I will continue to use other routes to avoid it.

There has to be some city worker that passes through this way and noticed it, right? I can’t believe I am the only one on the planet to get stopped with regularity and made to wait an inordinate amount of time. Maybe it is some inside joke with the department. I can see them having a feed hooked up through the traffic cameras to zoom in on the driver’s faces. They record the expressions, beating of the steering wheels and try to lip read the best curses. Video gets stored in the “best of” vault for department parties. If I could just have access to view these, I might feel better about the lights and laugh along with them. I’m all for a good prank, but if it is just stupidity and laziness, then I’m still ticked.

So what do you think? Prank or bad programming. Unfortunately, I think it is the latter, which is why I write this rant. If I thought it was a prank, I might stick it over on What’s Gotta Stay along with some good footage.